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  1. Calvin


    CalvinHelper (969989095)
  2. @Colected 100 xats from contest! Ty guys !
  3. CalvinHelper (969989095) Lucky Number 11
  4. Question System Ticket can be replaced if i got new ideea? 

    1. Angelo


      I don't know if they'd be willing to re-vamp the entire ticket system at this time..

      but I suppose you could go ahead and make a suggestion

  5. Happy bday lucky.(hug)

    1. lcky


      thank u bro.(hug)

      and a huge happy bday to you too...

  6. (hug)Good Morning All

  7. Happy Bday for me and i give all big hug for all and (c) and (cc).

  8. I <3 to help people but dont all deserve xat is an social website where you find friends from all country*s.

  9. Dont work on my chat the music player This is after i save it !
  10. Xat have one temporar problem with xat radiobox i have one option to show your box radio again and is work. You need to have BOT or POWER RADIO. First go to Box panel and next to your name bot put this code BotName(radio#http//ipradio/;#radio) (Radio#http://ipradio#radio) Save the settings from bot and wait! Next click on bot and touch box radio and will apear next to chat ball. If u dont have bot Should buy power radio and put on you name if you are msin owner on your chat like my example Chriss (radio#http://ipradio#radio) and press ok . <<<<Important PEOPLE NEED TO CLICK RADIO BOX FROM BOT OR FROM NAME TO SEE THE CHAT BOX RADIO AGAIN.>>>> This is a temporary solution for people who have chat and music dont work. For Romania. Xat are o problema temporara cu radio si cu adresele de radio. Va arat o metoda temporara pentru a vedea din nou radio pe chatul vostru si a fi functional. In primul rand trebuie sa aveti pe chat un Bot sau in cazul in care nu detineti un bot puteti folosi power radio il gasiti in store sau trade. 1 Intra in setarile cpanel bot si langa numele botului pune acest cod (radio#http://ipradio#radio) (radio#http//ipradio/;#radio) dupa aceasta salvezi. Important toti useri trebuie sa dea click pe casuta de la numele de la bot pentru a o afisa in chat si a fi functionala. Daca nu deti powerul bot si nu ai serviciul cumpara power Radio si il pui langa numele tau daca ai un chat si nu detii un serviciu de bot . Exemplu. Calvin(radio#http://ipradio#radio) Useri ce ii ai pe chat trebuie sa atinga casuta de la numele tau pentru a fi functionala din nou pe chat.
  11. xat radio player dont work with https....... Muses player work with https!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. Tvm @SlOom Respect for all who help.
  13. I dont need rank for help i help because people need help like xat need people to be stonger. Sorry for what i say zed but not rank make people. Be a simple person. Make more x1000 words.
  14. Sorry to open this topic but need to say what i think about this social site. First thanks and cong Admins and for all team (vols and mod) from all countries who help people who work hard to keep this social site running . We have friends and help others because we are humans. Should help all people should help this social site for respect. I will help people because others help me like vols and mod help people and should help our friends and people who need. If xat need help lets help if we need help xat will help us. Sorry for this topic and mistakes. Thx all xat team.
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