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  1. Happy BDay Cupim Huggg(cute)(cute)(cute)

  2. Calvin

    Promo banner approval

    Echo Approved your banner!
  3. Calvin

    Trade Main

    Think bryan is verry good for trade and other guys is the same! And here is a place for all because is a social website hug for all!
  4. Calvin


    Black pawn will be for sell in store one day??
  5. Calvin

    flash issue

    Hi few months ago i have same problem the chatbox crash and appear black no flash function and i have resolve it my own ! If you think is the same problem send me one message! You need to include some screen to see what is the problem!
  6. Calvin

    Rewards for helping

    Hey guys let-s make one new power to have badge forum and to be visible on xat room and this will work will help! If people help here will earn one badge on chat ! Is one suggestion! 1 - Gold badge Top helper 2 - Silver badge Medium helper 3 - Bronze Begginer helper Need minimum 50 100 point to earn Bronze ! And will go up to 500 1000 points for gold badge!
  7. Calvin

    Swf Chat Box

    Problem swf chatbox resolved ! For people who have same problem like mine i will post one new image with step by step! Thx Sloom Joshua Fleur and all who give me info for resolve that problem i find the way and now work!
  8. Calvin

    Swf Chat Box

    Result after i have been talk with sloom! Still dont work swf chat Sloom! With chrome flashplayer plugin Whit extension NO extension
  9. Calvin

    Swf Chat Box

    i have it made that thx for suggestion ananas! Still have same problem i will resolve it problem is not ok i will find the problem !
  10. Calvin

    Swf Chat Box

    I have one problem and still cant escape from this problem with swf chat box! Is strange the box chat swf dont work only html5.... Who have this problem or suggestion how to resolve the problem ...... http://prntscr.com/kl4otc Problem is with all browsers no just with chrome or other browser. http://prntscr.com/kl4yrp Flash player installed and dezinstalled ! Dont work!
  11. When will be the next Epic Power!?

  12. morning all(tired)

    1. Crow


      Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night.

  13. Allien exist?


  14. Calvin

    WIN KSUN + 200 XATS

    CalvinHelper (969989095)

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