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  1. WIN KSUN + 200 XATS

    CalvinHelper (969989095)

    CalvinHelper (969989095)
  3. win 100 xats Everyday

    @Colected 100 xats from contest! Ty guys !
  4. win 100 xats Everyday

    CalvinHelper (969989095) Lucky Number 11
  5. Need one answer

    One guy have one problem with his account and want to open one topic for him to explain the problem because nobody answer him on help and nobody give him one answer ! The user have find the account empty and dont know where is his powers the person have all payment and need one answer if is need will pay for assistance ! Sorry to open the topic is only for help one user who need help ! User need to know is possible to recover his powers or no. User is You666 (1505809634)
  6. 6 is the cute girl 😊😊😊

  7. Question System Ticket can be replaced if i got new ideea? 

    1. Angelo


      I don't know if they'd be willing to re-vamp the entire ticket system at this time..

      but I suppose you could go ahead and make a suggestion

  8. Hmm you need to wait it! Vols will check the problem!
  9. Happy birthday 😝😝👌

    1. Bau


      Happy birthday! (hug)



    2. Calvin


      tvm guys (hug)


    3. Bau
  10. Happy Birthday :p .

    1. Calvin


      sweety (hug)

  11. Happy Birthday! (: Have a good one!

    1. Calvin


      Tvm glorious(hug)

    2. Glorious


      Anytime! (hug):)

  12. Happy bday lucky.(hug)

    1. lcky


      thank u bro.(hug)

      and a huge happy bday to you too...

  13. (hug)Good Morning All

  14. Happy Bday for me and i give all big hug for all and (c) and (cc).

  15. I <3 to help people but dont all deserve xat is an social website where you find friends from all country*s.