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  1. Be fair life is to short to make mistakes.

  2. How will be life on other planet?

    1. ANGY


      Alien detected (swt) 

  3. Problem was resolved please close the topic
  4. At my office the ip i have is blocked need to unblock i dont understand how is blocked and for what reason ! Screen to see my page how its look Content xatbox Errors Reason is ?
  5. Button color #488AC7
  6. dont work
  7. gb anar and tc of u will be next who go !
  8. I have resolve it thx lunala
  9. if u know how to make it to work send me one message on pv if u can make it work send me one message on pv
  10. i have buyed wind 10 pro and office togheter to understand is not from internet ! m at office and i dont have trial wind yes only on xat pages is black on chatbox no content cucubau
  11. i have flashplayer 25 24 23 version and not work
  12. On windows 10 dont work flashplayer ! On windows 10 i have testing maxton opera mozilla baidu chrome avant and other browsers dont work the chatbox is black! thx!
  13. Who have windows 10 no need to install all version of browsers because dont work i have test it all . For wind 8 use avant or opera wind 7 avant opera mozzila chrome whit plugins