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  1. Hi everyone! After what will be a 9 year hiatus from xat Chats, I am considering a return in 2020. I think as a man and no longer a boy, I have a lot more to offer than the Tosan of years ago. However, I will be 27 next year (cry...) and since I am no longer a teenager, chatting with teenagers on a friendship level of how I did in 2008-2011 no longer feels normal. Are there any chatrooms on xat that are good options for an anime fan who is going to 27? Doesn't need to be an anime chatroom, but fun chats with people aged 18+.

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  2. Hello xat, new and old users alike. I decided to login to tell you all to have an amazing rest of 2018 and a fantastic 2019. I have no interest in returning to xat in 2019 (was recently asked on twitter by an older user), however I do think about the community once in a while and cant believe a decade ago I was moderating the help chat. Time flies and I do kinda miss the good ol days.


    Anyway, happy new years guys. Stay healthy and make the right decisions.

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  3. Hi guys, its me Tosan!


    Note: I am not here to advertise my youtube channel. I am here to explain one of my newest ideas in my steadily growing youtube channel.


    Idea: I want to create a youtube video based around xat, the xat forums and the xat chatrooms. The idea is still young, but the plan is to advertise a few chatrooms and maybe even make this a full day event on xat chats with various chatters who are interested. As of now, I do have a hardcore fanbase and over 230 subscribers, but I grow everyday and am so honored people enjoy my content. If anybody is interested, reply and we can talk it over here or elsewhere.

  4. 2 hours ago, Dario said:

    No need to apologize my friend, I forgive you. I never held it against you, you were my friend regardless of the circumstances.


    It's nice hearing from you after all these years, keep in touch.




    Its really nice to see you again man! Chrisss, Jamesey and Dario in the same thread? Feels like a blast from the past from these forums. 


    If you ever want to talk on a chat, I can try to organize a time with you.


    Goes for everybody too.

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  5. Wow. 10 years? Has it already been that long? I remember when Xat was barely even (if not) two years old. This is a good achievement and I am honored to have been apart of those 10+ years!


    In honor of twelve years strong - I shall share a story!


    I remember browsing a chat back in early 2010 and some user told me he has been apart of xat chatrooms since 2000. I tried to reason with him. I tried to tell the guy he was lying (lying since everybody in the chatroom believed him). I was banned and never saw him again. People say the weirdest things sometimes.


    Anyway, congrats Xat!


  6. Thank you Jamesey.


    Yes. Yes. Thank you Chrisss. When I left you guys back in 2011 I was still in highschool and without direction, but now I'm a man that no longer cares about powers on xat and no longer will let temptation pull me in. I want to make one thing clear -


    This is the longest I've used xat in five years and I must say its already bringing back memories. Some great and of course some sour. Though, humans live and learn. I've learned and I know what I want to do on xat from now on - 


    I want to help guide the new users of any chatroom who feel lonely or went through what I did. Everybody needs somebody to talk to and I can be that guide. Somebody with experience. I'm not sure how I'll be able to do this, but anything can be done if you put your mind and effort towards it.

  7. 8 hours ago, Crow said:

    I'd be interested in Dario's response to this. :$ It's nice to have you back, anyway!


    What advice would you give to somebody who's already spent a lot of money on xat?



    I think that in life you need and should live in a way which makes you happy and be able to look yourself in the mirror with a high head. Of course, the methods you use should be legal and/or not the wrong one.


    As long as you are earning those xats in a respectable way and it makes you happy, continue to do it. Just remember what's really important. 


    Thanks guys, its great to be back. I won't be here everyday due to life, but I will as much as possible.

  8. Wow. Let me let this sink in. Its 2016 and I'm actually posting here with my head held up high? Damn. I know its just the internet and I don't want to make this sound dramatic, but xat became my second family during my run here from 2008-2011. 


    Who am I?


    I'm the guy who backstabbed my xat friend Dario and backstabbed so many others on here. I was infamous at the time, irrelevant now. Though, I'd rather be irrelevant and loved for the right reasons then be infamous for the wrong reasons. I am Tosan139, and this is my xat story.



    It was 2008. Me and my family of five were living in a one room motel and I didn't have many friends due to how embarrased I was for living in one. I love my family and will always protect them, but I needed something more. I needed, acceptance in the form of friendship. So, what do I find? This place. Yes, xat!  It was a simple time - No powers. No greed. Fantastic people like ackirbachu, rafe and so on. I automaticlly hurried to the anime rooms and even found myself a few girlfriends... which is major cringe looking back. Anyway, I found that piece I was looking for. Time passes and I find several homes on here. Heck, I even got to be a forum moderator here long before Chrisss or Jamesey got that award! Haha, though I feel like that started a chain of events that went out of control. I was doing great and happy on here... until my friend introduced me to powers (the new xat thing!) My young eyes sparkled and I instantly got a couple. I be like - Awesome! I can wear a hat now! Though, that was really when my immaturity took over my sense of thinking logically. You see, I didn't have much money at the time. I wanted more. I wanted power on xat. So, I got more involved with trade and drooled when I eventually hit 20k xats, a 7 digit and allpowers. I could of ended it there. My family and I moved to an actual house and I acquired some xat fame.


    Lol @ xatfame.. Seriously. Xat fame means nothing guys. Being a good person does. So, what came next? Purple Power was released and I craved it! I needed that power! So, I worked for it and acquired it honestly. Was I happy? Maybe for two days. My greed began to outweigh my feelings for my friends here so I did it. I scammed a purple and much more and fled. At this point Chrisssy was so dissapointed in me. She searched for me and even talked to me and said -


    "Its not to late Tosan". I didn't listen. I eventually dug a hole and dug it deeper. I made excuses. I did it for power. Then, Dario confronts me. He trusted me. He believed me. He lent me his purple... and I fled again. Yes, I scammed a second purple. People lost faith in me and at that point I finally lost faith in myself. I then gave it back and.. quit xat for good. I made friends in my new school and found a deep passion for anime. Quitting xat was rough, but it saved me from doing something worse on xat. 


    I wanna say - I am sorry. I am sorry xat. I am sorry Dario. Listen guys. It you start feeling greedy for xat powers or power on here, stop. Its an endless cycle. Ask somebody who dealt with it. Ask somebody who through it all away. I know Chrisss and others have forgiven me, and that makes me so happy. Tosan is back on xat forums and maybe one day xat itself. Any questions or comments? Leave them. I can answer all.

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