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  1. You think you can hurt my feelings? I hung out at JustinBieberZone for 4 years when I first joined xat.

    1. Ethan


      Weird flex but ok

  2. 1. I like the new layout. It's very simple and clean, looks even better now that the apps aren't in tabs to left of the chat. I also like how you can now click on links on the scroll of chats. 2. A feature I'd like to see be improved is the youtube pop-out and being able to drag it outside of the chat box, that way it wouldn't be in the way of the chat as much and I could enjoy a video to the size I want.
  3. Hello fellow xatters. June is pretty much here and so is Pride month, which brings me to suggest the "Pride" pawn. I've been on xat for almost a decade and i've met many people who are a part of the lgbt community, myself included. This would be a cute idea -- not only for ourselves to use, but also for those who are supportive of the community. Below you can see 5 different examples of the types of pawns that would be included, each one representing a segment in the lgbt+. I apologize for doing this on such short notice and if my explanation is absolute trash but I hope you like my idea
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