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  1. but if I speak 😏

    1. Norman


      ok what's the tea?

  2. Honestly, most of the suggestions recently haven't been very nice or well-explained but wow, this one sure has made up for it! I would really like to see something like this because who doesn't like dogs?! It would be very cute for everyone to use! and also, OWA OWA
  3. You think you can hurt my feelings? I hung out at JustinBieberZone for 4 years when I first joined xat.

    1. Ethan


      Weird flex but ok

  4. 1. I like the new layout. It's very simple and clean, looks even better now that the apps aren't in tabs to left of the chat. I also like how you can now click on links on the scroll of chats. 2. A feature I'd like to see be improved is the youtube pop-out and being able to drag it outside of the chat box, that way it wouldn't be in the way of the chat as much and I could enjoy a video to the size I want.
  5. four in a row: and a timestamp 😌
  6. Hello fellow xatters. June is pretty much here and so is Pride month, which brings me to suggest the "Pride" pawn. I've been on xat for almost a decade and i've met many people who are a part of the lgbt community, myself included. This would be a cute idea -- not only for ourselves to use, but also for those who are supportive of the community. Below you can see 5 different examples of the types of pawns that would be included, each one representing a segment in the lgbt+. I apologize for doing this on such short notice and if my explanation is absolute trash but I hope you like my idea. Your thoughts would be much appreciated. (from left to right: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary)
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