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  1. I do not remember what I put email when logging DjZapacitu1995 (988878692) help me please

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    2. dead123456


      bella is very professional, why isn't she a volunteer yet? #Bella4Vol

    3. Bau


      OMG Danny You are here now. XD
      Why you no use xat Ajutor Romanian help in your language. its better and explain for you what u need. 
      And you need be patience for more answers.
      I Speak for everyone check xat Ajutor , he can help you. talks to you in your language what should be done to recover logging is very easy you must be more careful.
      Ca sa intelegi ce spun, viziteaza xatul Ajutor si informeazate cum si ce fel de, ce este de facut. 
      daca nu este nimeni online asteapta pina intra cineva si te ajuta. 
      @Mihay nu face milagre ca sa te ajute asa. trebuie sa deschizi ticket. primesti raspuns cu intrebarii. raspunzi la intrebari.
      Totul scris in Engleza.
      Rabdare Trebuie sa ai.                                            .vsfif6.jpg

    4. iMano


      @Human @6 I agree with you. Bella is very professional and i hope that she is a volunteer soon. :) 

  2. I do not remember what I put email when logging DjZapacitu1995 (988878692) help me please

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