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  1. I switched laptops this month because the motherboard on my old one fried, but when I tried this laptop at home, it worked just fine. The chatbox either takes too long to load or doesn't load at all and forms a blank space, which is what's happening to the chat box you showed me. No, I did not set my browser to autodelete cookies. It keeps them stored unless I did it manually.
  2. I have an account on Xat called "Karamatsu10" that takes forever to login on this new network that I'm in, and times have occurred when, regardless of my login status. Sometimes, the login says "Please wait..." when I log in and it never actually logs in. Other times, I log in to my account and it says that it's successful, but the chat box below it never shows up, and when I go to a new chat box, it's as though I never logged in. I use Google Chrome and at a couple of points used Microsoft Edge. This happens to me, regardless of whether I am in Private Browsing or not. I have a good connection (assuming that I log in to the campus online access), but I'm using a college campus. My account was made at home and not on this campus. This chat works on the computers in the library, though, as an experimentation, but not on my laptop in my dorm. I don't think using the library is a good idea. I am unable to create a ticket because my login doesn't work. Do you know what the issue may be? Thanks.
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