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  1. Ok, I was able to resolve the issues. I narrowed down the problem by disabling wi-fi and plugging directly into my cable modem with a LAN cable instead. While plugged straight into the modem (bypassing my router) XAT worked as normal and never asked me to prove I was human. I then turned wi-fi back on and tried it again connected wirelessly and got the prove you're human messages again. I did a factory reset on my router, and then put all the settings back the way I had them, and it seems that the problem has been fixed. For some reason, my router decided to start blocking my
  2. The site that has the xat chat that I frequent is firstclassmogul.com This chat has worked for years for me, and only recently stopped working. I do not have private/incognito browsing on. I'm not using a VPN. I do log into my account on xat.com Even the chat that pops up on xat.com when you first go to the page, it sends me through the same process. Not sure what happened to suddenly cause this to start happening.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I have cleared internet cache, history, etc. I have switched browsers. I have switch computers. I have reset my cable modem. I have also tried logging in. I still get the never ending 'prove you're human' loop. I get it at all XAT chat box locations, even the one on xat.com. It worked fine until last Friday.
  4. All of a sudden I am unable to use any XAT chat boxes. Everytime I get a popup asking me to prove I am human. I go through the captcha process and it tells me I'm verified and to close the window and sign in again. I do this, and it goes through the process again. This happens everytime. It is a never ending cycle. I have changed browsers, I have changed computers, I have cleared cache history. I've done everything I can think of. Please help.
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