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  1. Account held. You cannot buy.

  2. Whoever posts last wins!

    Well, looks like I won. What's the prize?
  3. Congratulations Mala

  4. Bored.. Anyone trying to talk?


  5. Account Held after inactivity

    Thank you for the quick replies and for sure I will wait patiently. Regards, Sulfo
  6. Account Held after inactivity

    Hello, If you're talking about changing your password, then I have just tried that and I'm still held.. I don't know what to do but to wait for ticket I guess... Thanks, Sulfo
  7. Account Held after inactivity

    Hello, Thanks for the quick reply.. Unfortunately I have not created the ticket under the Account Block department.. I would like a volunteer to move the ticket if possible... My account is OasisSulfur (288928669) Thank you, Sulfo
  8. Well, after being inactive for a while, I came back to my account being held.. I'm not sure why.. I have opened a ticket, but would like an explanation as to why my account was held... I was inactive for about 1-2 years I believe and I still have xats, and powers on my account. Thanks, Sulfo