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  1. 1013 1818 440404 11091978 1000085 1000093 Maybe some of these. I can think of spending a few xats. The Ideal would be the auction on Saturday, but I'll have to kill service!
  2. Congratulations partner you deserve !!
  3. One of the best ! good job!
  4. He's going to be back!
  5. This would be interesting! Inconvenient people are clicking us and this is very annoying! Once added power, even with open NOPC could not enter our PV.
  6. Hello guys, As an economist I am, my humble opinion on this subject. To make the trade react, hard actions must be taken by the Administration, I quote a few: 1. @Admin Injecting "xats" into commerce, buying himself several powers that are at a low price; Example: "gold"; "Purple", "angel", "boot", "gback", "angry", among others; 2. @Admin Temporarily limit some powers like: ruby, purple, namecolor among others more; 3. @Admin For a period to make fortnightly releases of powers to create greater expectations and appreciation in the one that is being launched; Limiting to the maximum the quantity released; Even if in the future it must be necessary to make auctions to return it to the market; 4. @Admin Promote the collection of powers, eg: User having 500; 1000; 1500 units of a given power, it will have a discount of 20%, 30% to 50% in the purchase of xats in the "buy"; Or be awarded a "new" power before its release; Or the right to buy a "gold" at a price of 30% at the store; With rules to be elaborated, where User can not transfer his collection to another account for a period of 6 months to 2 years; 5. @Admin Who buy xats in "buy" have xats bonus; Actions that will imply any financial sector, requires stakeholder investment. But, it needs to know if the Administration is with its profits also falling like the values of the powers! If they understand that everything is fine! No have no reason to change anything! Thanks.
  7. It's perfect congratulations!
  8. Congratulations Solange!
  9. Isso ai, envie ticket e aguarde, seja paciente!!!
  10. @Brandon @Junior @Cupim and @muffins