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  1. Isso ai, envie ticket e aguarde, seja paciente!!!
  2. @Brandon @Junior @Cupim and @muffins
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  4. @Admin I opened a ticket on April 8th to transfer my shortname, I answered all the security questioning that was requested and so far did not make the transfer. I see some "users" exchange their shortname in less than 24 hours. should at least give a return with a justification for the delay. It is unacceptable to simply "wait". Justify a delay or a problem, it is an act of respect for any user As the tickets are confidential, why not inform the users the status of the ticket through the ticket itself ? This policy of simply leaving waiting without positioning is what should change, what do you think about it ?
  5. Good power, I hope that the price be above 500x!
  6. Snake Eater and nirvana
  7. Warmhearted
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