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  1. Hello everyone, i'll be on vacation between december 23 and 30, i'll return on december 30. In the meantime I'll be completely inactive on xat.com. Merry christmas everyone!

    1. Jean


      Merry Christmas, my ex boss ^^ All the best to you and your family. (hug)

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  2. Sagaz

    Sagaz    Jean

    Happy birthday gay 

    1. Jean


      thanks Sagay <3

  3. Arih

    Arih    Jean

    Happy birthday, a lot of health and peace.


    1. Jean


      Thank you my best <3

  4. Sarah

    Sarah    Jean

    Happy Birthday Jean!

  5. Ronal

    Ronal    Jean

    Happy Birthday

  6. Brabo

    Brabo    Jean

    Happy Birthday My Shirt 10 (hug)

    1. Jean


      Thanks my brother <3

  7. Luig

    Luig    Jean

    Happy birthday bro <3

  8. Happy birthday Jean!

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