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  1. Jean

    Parabens Luig meu parcero, felicidades chefia, td bem, muito money e muitas minas pra voce (hug)

    1. Luig


      Obrigado irmão, tudo em dobro pra ti (principalmente o money, sempre bom kkkkk), tmj <3

  2. tey tey ♪

  3. Parabéns mano! Felicidades. 

  4. Happy Birthday! 

  5. 123, testando 8-)

  6. Jean

    Happy Birthday! 

  7. Feliz Ano novo para todos e suas familias. 

    1. Stif


      pra vc também Jean!

    2. Maxo


      feliz ano nuevo a ti tambien jean (hug) 

  8. congrats to all !! I want to be part of this team too..
  9. Congratulations guys
  10. Jean

    Parabéns Thuk, Tudo de bom mano, felicidades tmj ♥ @Zoom

    1. Thuk


      Valeu, Jean! (victory)

  11. Happy Birthday Nathan! My ex id :$ 

    1. HelperNate


      Thank you Jean! And thanks for letting me buy ID 21299! Lovin' it so far!

  12. happy birthday @iJuanR and, Merry christmas!! (applause)i love Twenty one :$

    1. iJuanR


      Thank u :$ Merry Christmas to you too, It's so good to see someone that listen to tøp, I love it.

  13. Jean

    happy birthday @Phin and Merry christmas! (hug)

  14. A merry Christmas to all of you and your families. ♥

    1. Maxo


      merry christmas awesome jean ;) 

    2. Witness


      Merry Christmas to you! Enjoy this beautiful day with your family! (sman)

    3. LaFleur


      Merry christmas!

  15. Thanks @Christina for the award .. She already paid me the xats
  16. I won, thank you. I'm very happy.
  17. Thank you for remembering us all. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a New Year to you and your family. We also hope you can get back to xat as soon as possible. thank you see you soon.
  18. Jean

    Free Background Dump

    Great work. Congratulations.
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