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  1. Jean

    Happy birthday Mihay! 

  2. Jean


    congratulations! @Sevda
  3. Happy birthday!

  4. ♥ Love all 

  5. Before ♪♫

  6. Jean


    Jean (406636757)
  7. xat Troca ♥

  8. xat xat <3

  9. hi hi oi oi :$

    1. maxo


      are you singing ? (toj)

    2. Mystic


      hey jean!

  10. Jean

    Parabens meu mano Alan, felicidades mano, tudo de bom, vida longa pra voce, muitos anos de vida, muita paz, saúde, muito dinheiro no seu bolso e muita ''Muiér'' rs , tmj smp <3 ♥ precisar conte comigo.

    1. iAL4N


      Obrigado mano Jean, desejo tudo em dobro na sua vida, conte comigo sempre! 

  11. Jean


    Se o ticket foi aberto, apenas aguarde-o agora para que seje respondido e seu problema seje resolvido.
  12. Menos é mais ♪♫ (victory)

  13. Jean

    Selling ID 21299 80k

    I'll call you on the xat, or pc me /f21299
  14. Jean

    New Summerdrink power

    Great suggestion, I hope they add, congratulations.
  15. Jean

    Whoever posts last wins!

    Real Madrid my love forever ♥
  16. Jean

    [Doubt] Forum Name

    Hello, I was wondering if I can use my name here in the forum as "Jean" because it's my shortname on xat.com, and if I have how, what should I do it? I tried to contact Volunteer Cupim, but he ignored it. Help-me; thank you.
  17. Jean

    [Doubt] Forum Name

    I am not a paid user, is there any way too?
  18. Jean

    Users upgrade

    Perfect, I sometimes want to change some things on my profile and with this 'new user' mode it would be a good idea for the future
  19. Jean

    The King of the Forum

    I Protect the dukedom
  20. Jean

    report theft

    Hello, I come through this post announces a newbie if passing by a volunteer, that in the case is the Cupim, in short, this guy is leaving asking the password and email of many people, and stealing the accounts. Note number 1: The Chat that is helping the same is xat.com/Doacao, and the owner of it is also helping to steal the accounts .. Follow the tests below. <removed> <removed> Note number 2: If they can ban his account and punish the xat they walk stolen it would be more than fair. Ids: <removed> and <removed> Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

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