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  1. Jean

    Parabens Bff <3 espero que um dia eu te do ban no xat ajuda -q (zoas)  Texto ta no whatsapp ^^  ♥

    1. iDan


      Obrigado bff mais uma vez, tmj mano! vai me dar ban não sei como, nosso cargo vai ser o msm rs ;) <3

  2. testing.. one, two, Three..

  3. Hala Madriddd y nada mááássss ♥ 

  4. accept a beer? :$

  5. Update xD

    1. iDan


      nice my friend.

  6. heeyy

    1. Maxo


      Hi bro (hi) GM

    2. Deff


      Hey (hi)

  7. Superchat 

  8. Need help?  come xat.com/ajuda (victory)

  9. liked it. Have to add more smilies, and the price I hope is low
  10. New 586 - Springtime 

  11. Bye flash, walcome html5 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Deff


      Did u like ??

    3. Jean


      Yes, it is getting better, the focus is to stay 100% until the end of the flash, we are almost there :$

    4. Deff


      yes (smirk)

  12. New id power 586

  13. Heyy my friends

  14. Fiquem em casa, lavem as mãos.

  15. xat.wiki/Newpatrick

  16. If I live other lives, I will remember you ♫♪ ♥

  17. Real Madrid 2x0 Barcelona :d

  18. Real Madrid ♥♥

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