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  1. Jean

    buy m id

    Have you searched the xat/Loja? there are good ids
  2. Approval you must wait until it is. There are many players to be approved, it is not that simple. Have patience and wait. there are many players to be approved, it takes days, it’s normal.
  3. Good power I liked the pawn, I will use a lot
  4. New power > KNACK

  5. Happy birthday!! 

  6. May your day be wonderful (hug)

  7. Hello peoples!!


  8. Jean

    Parabens Bff <3 espero que um dia eu te do ban no xat ajuda -q (zoas)  Texto ta no whatsapp ^^  ♥

    1. iDan


      Obrigado bff mais uma vez, tmj mano! vai me dar ban não sei como, nosso cargo vai ser o msm rs ;) <3

  9. testing.. one, two, Three..

  10. Hala Madriddd y nada mááássss ♥ 

  11. accept a beer? :$

  12. Update xD

    1. iDan


      nice my friend.

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