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  1. Concordo para nós brasileiros não compensa com o Dollar nas alturas seria bem mais facil comprar o power q vão dar de graça achei meio vulgar essa BF desse ano.
  2. En la esquina superior derecha tenemos un rompecabezas con un aviso de adobe flash player para permitir plugin página pinchas en él seleccione permite siempre y después completa luego el f5 en la página y todo va a estar bien.
  3. Chitzz

    Yes or No

    Yes, pretty bad have you ever fell down the stairs?
  4. Very interesting idea, now and wait to see if she really could be approved has my support.
  5. Chitzz

    Yes or No

    no Do you like baccon ?? @Steven
  6. Hello volunteers i'm co-owner on xat.com/Novidades; a xat to get the latest xat news in portuguese language.. And i need to unlock the domain to set an blog there! And i need to unlock the domain to set a xatajuda.net blog there in first page! IF NEEDED TRANSFER MY POST PLEASE Obs:I tried to open a ticket I am using paid but is giving it see the print http://prntscr.com/cy01cr I've done relogin. I've cleaned the browser cookies, I switched browser info and nothing worked I came here as my last option.
  7. They conquered the xats legally, yes they can sell any way you see fit that support.
  8. When it comes time to wake up
  9. comment what is the last movie you watched.
  10. Chitzz

    Yes or No

    yes, What was the last movie you watched?
  11. Hello would like to know how do I add my blog in EXTERNAL RESOURCE, xat.wiki/er my website '' www.suporteajuda.com '' some tabs the xat.com blocks http://prntscr.com/ctw23p and when I try to open a ticket in ' ' domain unblock '' is giving '' error create the ticket please re-login '' I tried everything but no opens the ticket some of you could help me?
  12. I opened my shortname transfer ticket from the day 23 not responding help me please some volunter shortname Department send me a message on my ticket numberand Ticket # 94432032.
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