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  1. Congratulations to @Solange on her promotion! P.S. Brandon stay away from this forum.
  2. You are completely wrong. Actually nocara is correct.
  3. Most of the new powers are useless or mindless and people are forced to buy them if they want to keep the everypower. That's the only reason why they buy them.
  4. Why don't you try to make this?
  5. What a coincidence  https://prnt.sc/i6duzq ! :D ♥

    1. Bau


      What,  DEar :o:$  

    2. Brandon


      That’s the most important date of the year!

    3. Bau


      Brandon Hug me :$ 

  6. Yeah! I'd like having like a xat battle game or something.
  7. Kayzar


    I think one of the rules of being a smiley maker is that these kind of powers are not allowed.
  8. I'd like to congratulate chat Noticias and it's staff for becoming a tribute chat. I really hope the best in this new project. @Samuel
  9. That's what we're still trying to figure out... like it was mentioned above maybe it could be handle by the gcontrol or with a macro.
  10. Wow! I really like it, you have talent I'd like to see more frames about it.
  11. @LaFleur making this randomly, doesnt make any sense at all tbh.
  12. Like I said before we don't have much information about this I think before release a new power they should set everything properly.
  13. After being on Ayuda and seeing people complain about those powers and going on other chats asking for people’s opinions on how those new powers should’ve been made, I decided to make a thread about how these powers should be modified. My suggestion is we should be able to set whatever animation we want to display when kicking/banning, like the blastban and blastkick power: $blastban=1 $blastban=2 $blastban=3 etc... to the same way $superblastban=1 $superblastban=2 $superblastban=3 etc.. We actually don't know yet exactly how those powers work. Is Gcontrol needed? what if we have blastban=3 assigned and we don't want to see it anymore, how do we set a specific one of the superblastban power. There's not much information on the wiki articles. Please feel free to comment what you think about this and these powers.
  14. I really like this power, I will buy it for sure.
  15. Mew

    1. Harrison


      Mews rule the world. :d 

  16. Look what I got!
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