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  1. Shouldn't it be better if they gave a reminder like that? Like before you authenticate, "copy this somewhere"
  2. 2-step verification is something I believe all people should have. And if you want to take off authentication you need to wait a couple days, so if you lost your phone, or anything like that for those days you won't be able to access your xat account.
  3. Runescape has been doing it for years, there's no reason to make an xat user wait for that long. What's not possible...2 step verification?
  4. There's something called 2 step verification which involves your phone, if you don't have it, with all due respect you deserve to be hacked...
  5. On the game Runescape, you can easily take off your authentication in minutes via email. Xat should do something similar, instead of burdening it's users with a long wait.
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