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  1. look up 'as the xats.com volunteers eliminate accounts eliminate them for personal matters and abuse of power .... but the admin where are they? but all this power to the volunteers? http://prntscr.com/clpxif http://prntscr.com/clpy03 shame
  2. hi I am here to expose my problem volunteers have cleared me the account xat x his motivation, but you can 'emilinare an account after spending money on buying xat ????? I'm no entry anywhere this is the squalor I state that I have changed providers have been absent from xat x 1 month on my return the account deleted my name is bollicinalete id (155 411 832), there is another thing to say that volunteers do not respond appearance a few more days and then sue the police happened to these are scams ... if I can not have more 'my account I ask a compensation
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