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  1. that is why I specify, that the bff can be connected as long as the married is not in the room. But it's only an optional function, the power would be perfect without that function too. but answering your question, only the married would be connected, in case they are both in the room.
  2. That's why I thought that the function could be optional, but the essence of power is there! Thanks for your opinions
  3. This is a power with a function that many users might like. Power whose function is to have bff and married at the same time. (If the user has married and bff. can be connected to the bff as long as the married is not in the xat room) May contain the following smileys (both) (bffs) (romantic) (excited) (crazylove) (kisslove) (couple) (calllove) answering the call of his partner with the face of a lover. (lauded) a flushed girl smelling a flower (huglove) a hug and a kiss between a couple with a heart forming around for the peon. a heart and a + and it can be a heartbeat this way. With its function it can be unlimited, without the function it can be limited. Everything is at your discretion. I hope you like it, fall well with your function or not. Many people may be waiting for a power of this type. Regards:)
  4. Greetings friends! The new power that I come to present is a room power called (ranktool) then I will present its function: (Ranktool) This power is designed to give maximum authority to the owner of the room. Its function is unique and simple, this power will have the function that the main owner of the room, can make master owners without having to give the password of the chat. This power must be assigned to the room, where it will have a space where the register of the maximum owner of the room must be placed. This in order that the main owners already selected can not lower their rank to the maximum owner of the xat (in case this could happen). This power must also have a configuration where the secondary main owners are registered, to be downloaded from the power panel directly in case these people do not enter the xat anymore. In this panel you can also determine the time by which the rank of Secondary main owner will be assigned, in case the owner so wishes. (this to make main owners temporarily if so the maximum owner of the xat wishes it). Example of how the panel could be selected. Power Ranktool Assigned ✓ Maximum main owner: Example(123456) Secondary main owner: (in case of having more than one main owner, more options will be enabled to be assigned.) 1-Example(654321) Time: 2- 3- 4- What benefits can this power bring? for the reason that I decided to take this initiative, it is because with this power it would be avoided to do constant resetting to the xat, to reassign the ranges of the room to a determined staff. Since problems always occur and tend to be constantly reset in the halls of xat, this would expedite the work of the main owners of each room in case of resorting to this. the peon would be simple, a padlock that closes, and a padlock with a key.
  5. I would have said the same with the firefx, but I do not affect the price of power angry, which is mostly wanted by its smile (flame) and it is not the only case of this type, but I do not think that this power directly affects the angel, everything depends on the taste of each person.
  6. The name if you can make believe that it has a resemblance, but the dimensions are different, the form and essence of power. If there are details that could be improved, but my work is limited because I do not have the tools to express it as I would like. I try to do what I can, greetings and thank you for your opinion.
  7. Hello friends after an inactive time for the university, I have returned with many ideas, I present the new power Devilmon This power is composed of the following smileys: (devilmon) 2-(dvshy) covering his face flushed with his wings 3-(dvredface) with a flushed face 4-(dvhug) expand your wings to give a big hug 5-(dvloving) with hearts in the eyes and small hearts that spin on their horns 6-(dvmad) with an angry face and releasing a blue fire that around him 7-(dvlove) This smile will have a pink color, with a thoughtful expression and love with hearts coming out of his thought (the hearts are small and come from the bottom up, with a limit of 4) 8-(dvclap) applauding with wings 9-(dvbite) opening his mouth to try to bite (this one has small sharp teeth) 10-(dvsleepy) sleeping with a little blue bubble coming out of his nose 11-(dvexploit) he concentrates energy with an angry face and explodes releasing a celestial flame that leaves a trail of smoke when it fades 12-(dvbounce) bouncing with a happy face, and in each bounce the devilmon changes color (the limit for these colors can be 4) these colors can be (black, white, red, pink) 13-(dvsad) with a sad face, and the horns bent a little down 14-(dvcrying) crying letting out small tears that he cleans with his left wing 15-(dveat) a devilmon eating rice balls that are thrown towards the 16-(dvkisslove) the devilmon male (black) and the female (pink) giving each other a kiss, and creating a half black and pink heart that rises in the middle of the two, while they are blushing 17(dvkiss) giving a tender kiss, winking the eye 18-(dvback) for the pawns: 1- With the wings of devilmon and celestial horns. 2- A devilmon with a blue fire around. It can be unlimited or a power of room Thank you for your attention, I hope you like it. It should be noted that I'm bringing something different to what has been coming out in the market, it is 2018 and I think you should innovate with new things that have not been seen on xat.com. A cordial greeting for all, that pass happy late.
  8. I present the new Rainbowmon power, this power will be defined by a rainbow smile with wings and halo on top. The smileys that it can contain are: (Rainbowmon) 2-(rwloving) with two red hearts in the eyes and the wings turn from white to rainbow color constantly 3-(rwmad) with an annoying face, and it expands and explodes, when it explodes it releases a rainbow 4-(rwredface) with a flushed face and small hearts that go from the floor to their wings 5-(rwlove) touching her mouth with wings to throw kisses and a rainbow protrudes when she throws the kiss 6-(rwcrying) crying and on top of the rainbowmon a cloud raining 7-(rwclap) applauding with his wings 8-(rwhug) expand your wings to give a big hug 9-(rwsleepy) covering himself with his wings and sleeping 10-(rwbounce) jumping and on each bounce releases small rainbows 11-(rwsad) with a sad face 12-(rwfly) with a face with eyes of stars and raising a small flight 13-(rwback) for the pawns I thought they could have: 1. a full rainbow color and a halo 2.rainbow-colored wings that cover the peon 3.a rainbowmon jumping instead of the peon This power contains a hug where a flying rainbowmon comes out, then it explodes and the message comes out. can also contain a special code for the color rainbow for the smileys and hats #rwm It can be unlimited or even a power of room I hope you liked it, I will be reading your opinions and trying to improve every day. Regards!
  9. Could be several smileys of the most outstanding powers of xat.com with balloons, champagne, confetti, hats, all smiling and dancing.
  10. Hi all friends, as we all know the lag is a problem in many xats because the codes ranging powers in the nick. I figured a way to try to solve this problem, the express power through the Shorten. Many are asking: is that it? It's simple, this power has the function to shorten codes num, nameglow, namecolor, hat, smileys, etc. Ranging in nick and turn it into one shortened code. For this we need a shortening code generator for power shorten xat.com I'll give you an example: codes will be placed in the shortener generator. (glow#ffff00#grad#ffffff#ffff20#rb)(hat#t#ffff00)(cringe#manga13#ffff00#anime#ffff00#flame#ffff00#manga#ffff00#costumes#rb) We use the nick model. put the codes in the shortener generator, generate and get all shortened codes. example: (st#n#g4am9c) The function is still not enough, so I thought I could have fun smileys. Scissors smiling. A guy with a comb and scissors cutting hair. A girl cutting her hair. A boy and a girl ar guing the heart with a heart in the middle and a short scissors. A smiley with Scissorhands and a hat. Scissors cutting paper with a message that says peace or love. A giant that every time you walk becomes small. A girl with mask villainous and scissors in hand. A ghost of paper when touched with the mouse fly out the chat room. In addition to this I thought I could have a hug for divorce xat.com That would be a scissors cutting a heart into pieces, or pereja fighting and heart cuts the heart, or a photo of a happy couple and a photo scissors cut the couple dividing in half. Hats can be a scissors, cut in half pawn, a figure of paper, etc. Well folks, I hope you like it, I think it could be very useful, it is not required that all users have it or use it, but you have to make it interesting or more striking, if they have more suggestions for this power will gladly be accepted. The idea is to solve perhaps the problem that affects many users thought xat.com why this method. Greetings to all!
  11. Greetings to all this great community again! I bring a new power called Selfie. As we know, today are very fashionable selfies because every day we move forward with technology. This power is to take a capture function or photo in the chat room. How do we do it? with the command: $selfie=capture The smileys could incorporate the following: 1-(selfie) 2-(selfie1) 3-(selfie2) 4-(selfie3) 5-(selfie4) 6-(selfie5) 7-(selfie6) 8-(selfie7) 9-(selfie8) 10-(selfie9)=a woman winking taking a selfie. 11-(selfie10)=a woman throwing a kiss with a heart taking a selfie. 12-(selfie11)=a group selfie with various smileys smiling 13-(selfie12)two girls drinking a selfie front of a mirror. For the pawn can add a camera, also a phone with front camera as if taking a picture of the pawn. It could also contain new hugs, like a couple of friends, boyfriends, husbands drinking a selfie. Also a group photo with many people of different race smiling, so also promote a positive message that racism does not exist. I hope you like my idea, any suggestion or contribution for improvement will be accepted. Thank you very much to all!
  12. Good afternoon friends, I bring the power Statusflag. Its function is very simple, it is to allow us to add a flag of the country we want our status. The power and status flag is required to use it. For use use the command: $status= Example(flag#wve) For the pawn I imagine it could be a flag instead of the star(hat#sf), a flag of the country also wished to take the place of pawn(hat#wve). It is quite simple, and to the people we are very nationalistic and love our country would be very useful. I hope you like it, thank you very much!
  13. I assumed there would be problems with the name and smileys to promote liquor and others. But not only me, many users ask more smileys xat that have to do with this issue, either directly or not. But if it is something that many people ask.
  14. Good afternoon everyone! This time I come with the new power drunk. The smileys could incorporate the following: 1-(drunk) 2-(drunk1) 3-(drunk2) 4-(drunk3) 5-(drunk4) 6-(drunk5) 7-(drunk6) 8-(drunk7) 9-(drunk8) 10-(drunk9) 11-(drunk10) For the pawn can place a glass full of beer, it also could put a barrel full of beer. It may contain hugs such as 2 persons offering, also 2 people in a bar,etc.. I hope you like it, thank you very much.
  15. Greetings all, I would like to suggest the rapper power. I want to be a limited power. The smileys could incorporate the following: 1- (rapper) 2-(rapfreestyle) 3-(rappose) 4-(rapsmirk) 5-(rapmoney) 6-(rapcool) 7-(rapunderground) 8-(rapgirl) 9-(rapcd) 10-(rapbling) The pawns could be a flat cap, and also a bling bling. This power could also contain new hugs, as a rapper doing freestyle, also tworappers in a rap battle, and also a rap concert, etc. I hope you like my idea, I wish you all a good day.
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