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  1. 6 minutes ago, ALEX said:

    This reminds me when i drew...


    Hi Alex  (hug) Nice to see you again on the forum. You can make relevant drawings with this suggestion. even if you have new ideas about this suggestion, you can share them here.

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  2. 23 hours ago, SapphireOfficial said:

    We don't have a geometric power is ok if have cute effects. If bring us one power to use it to maximum his effect. 


    Yes I agree with you we don't have a geometric pawn power yet. It would be a great innovation in xat pawn powers, May with the creation of a sleek and cooler pawn power that differentiates and replaces the old classical pawns with geometric shapes. Thank you for liking my idea.

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  3. 14 minutes ago, Loba922 said:

    Well, this little animal was missing from power, great idea I loved it, hopefully they will take out this chameleon power. (applause)


    Yes i did research on xat cute animal powers. I've seen chameleon animal powers not suggesded and created so far. I wanted to suggest such a cute animal power. Thank you for liking my suggestion.

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  4. I like this new power. I see a very cute sticker power that reminds people of special days and moments and celebrates these special and beautiful moments instantly. Such a special and cute sticker power was needed that made sense and differentiate people's special occasions. I thank you to the designers who created this cute and beautiful sticker powers.

  5. Yes, if a cute chameleon powersi with mixed colors and mottled color fluctuations were created it would be quite impressive and nice. xat users would be tempted by a riot of colors she saw on cute animal powers. Thank you for loving my suggestion.

  6. 3 hours ago, LordSin said:

    Hello all!



    Version 1:

    Front: >>



    Back: >>



    Button color: #aaaaaa




    Version 2:


    Back: >>



    Front: >>




    Button color: #aaaaaa






    Version 3:


    Back: >>




    Front: >>




    Thank you  for the opportunity!







    These are good designs. I liked them. Good lucks.

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  7. On 2/13/2021 at 4:55 PM, Vevrok said:

    ID: 620

    Name : FOREVER

    Status: unlimited

    Price  : 229 xats


    forever, cupidhearts, foreverhearts, grandhearts, inlovehug, lovebaby, loveballoons, loveinair, moonlove


    ho, hg, hh, hb




     made by: @Mihay


    It is nice to see one of the love emoticons I gave in a suggestion for Valentine's Day in these Valentine's Day ''forever'' power xat emoticons, and we can clearly see that there have been changes and innovations in the powers of Valentine's Day, advanced emojis are added to the xat love emoji collection.These are the most special smilies chosen for the Valentine's Day. I don't think Valentine's Day powers serie are complemented by this power. but it is one of the most beautiful continuation of the Valentine's Day powers series.

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  8. 20 hours ago, ALEX said:

                                                 Alaugh inlove                                                                       Alaugh bow


          f4MpGrZ.jpg        j1JftHG.jpg





    end of suggestion, i will continue when i see something realistic and not from elementary school....



    greeting!!   UM5D9hp.jpg


    Hi Alex, I like your drawings. I see that you are drawing very professional and beautiful drawings. I really enjoy looking at your drawings. you make cute drawings that are give happy. I see you give examples of smiley emojis fastened with a single hair ribbon in your drawings. You can use different hairpins and flowerpins in your drawings I also know there is a xat smiley emoticon with heart shaped eyes.


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  9. Hello!

    I see very cute monkey stickers in this suggestion. It would be really cool if cute sticker powers are created from such lovely cute animal emojis. I would like to use such cute animal sticker powers on my nick. If people show their status and moods with such cute animal stickers on their nick, really names look very cute. At xat, we can't point to something by hand, but we can tell what we want to convey with cute animal stil and emoji shapes all at once. I like this idea

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  10. This good idea, would be nice to see hat models that can change according to every face shape and every mood. I see hat models suitable for every face. The hat style of the Indians is the most interesting emoji chosen in this suggestion because there is no emoji related to it yet on xat. This is the first time I've seen such an emoji in this suggestion. These are emojis that make a difference on xat. I like this idea.

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  11. On 2/7/2021 at 1:32 PM, CH3RRY said:

    like someone said before for a power tag, it looks cool.:p


    On 2/9/2021 at 4:09 AM, MieLsithaa said:

    I like the Idea if you were a smilies creator on xat.com

    I would give you a thousand times 10 you deserve it

    elephant dumbo GIF by Walt Disney Studios


    24 minutes ago, zaki said:

    wow that cute kangaroo duygu liked accurate a kangaroo8-)

     Thanks Zaki  (hug) thanks Cherry  (hug) thanks Mielsithaa  (hug)

  12. 52 minutes ago, Sydno said:

    With a day late, I have finally read all the letters.


    I am so glad you participated to the event and helped sharing some love up to Valentine's Day, because this is what Chat is all about, bringing communities together in a warmly and loving environnent.


    To share a little secret of mine many of you already know, I met my wife on xat, almost 10 years ago. This one of the reason why I feel I owe a lot to xat. I am glad to see I am not the only one for whom xat has actually changed real life.


    That being said, I was particularly moved by @Jev message, who therefore will get the 5,000 xats. That being said, we are all the winners for sharing love emotions ! And because Valentine's Day is over, doesn't mean Love is over :D


    Yeah Sydno, I agree with you. Valentine's Day is over, doesn't mean Love is over. One should love what he loves not only for one day, but for every day.

    Congratulations  Jev (hug)

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  13. 9 hours ago, Shake said:

    xat is innovative ! i think xat could use some help from its xat users and make xat a more fun place to hang out at.

    hence im suggesting DOG BREEDS POWER! there's a dog smiley in xat but i think we could have breeds to match the owner's personality for example




    can i get an owa owa???


    golden retriever










    let me know what you think !! i think its a very creative and necessary power for people who love dogs just like me :) you could also color the fur to match your fursona or whatever


    This is good idea, That sounds good. Some innovations should be made for the emojis of some powers. We always see the same old emojis in old xat powers. Instead of always having the same emojis, additional emojis need to be designed to enhance and change them. I brought this up in my suggestions as well too. I see you have added very cute dogs emoji here. I loved them.

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