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  1. DUYGU

    Happy birthday  Imr  (hug) 



  2. Happy birthday  DonQuijote (hug)



  3. This is great news, I would be happy to see the night mode on their xat profiles. Our eyes will not get tired if we want to look and examine any profile at any time of the night.
  4. Good evening to everyone, have a nice evening


    1. Mao


      Good evening

  5. Hi Mino   (hug)



  6. Hi Bau Thank you for your this nice comment. Your dreams are beautiful. Everyone has interesting and different dreams. interesting and different dreams were shared here. everyone wants their dreams to come true. I hope everyone's dreams will come true in 2021. I wish you a beautiful year where everyone will have be their with together dreams in reel life and feel good and happy.
  7. DUYGU

    618 ACID

    I never thought acid, which is very harmful to humans and the environment in real life, would be so cute on xat. This new acid power on xat looks really cute and sweet. Thanks to the smiley makers. Good job.
  8. DUYGU


    Big hug from me for u Love‚ô•

  9. DUYGU


    I love u my love ‚ô•

  10. DUYGU

    Happy birthday Gims (hug) 



  11. Happy birthday Fiona, my dear  (hug)



  12. Yes, with the new update, night mode, ie dark mode, good. looks really good. Thank you for giving this nice and useful idea. My eyes will not tire if I stay in the forum even for long hours at night. dark mode was really useful for all people who had to access the internet at night.
  13. DUYGU

    618 ACID

    Nice power, I like new power.
  14. This good idea, i agree with you. We can take a huge risk when we decide to buy everpower and we want to make sure that the user who wants to sell everypower has put the all the powers in. If the everypower seller user when finished putted all the powers in, we should get a notification and when If this idea could be realized,we can see that notification logo we can press the confirm button and click the confirm button. If this idea could be realized, perhaps more users would want to buy the everypower. Good idea for safe a trading.
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