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  1. Thank you for liking my idea. yes this xat animal power does not exist yet on xat and yet it was not suggested. I like to give ideas for new powers that never existed on xat.xat always needs new ideas and innovations. I'm trying to contribute to xat by giving new, interesting and different ideas.
  2. Thanks to everyone who liked my idea, thank you for your nice comments. This is my dream, I would like to use a moving color wavy pawn. everyone wants this great innovation. Smiley makers can create many beautiful colorful chameleon emojis using the color changing feature of cute chameleons. I actually presented this as an animal power proposition. Also If we imagine and think about this idea as a pawn power with the same idea, we would love to see attractive stlys of color on pawns. Gorgeous attractive colorful new pawn skins look really great taking advantage of the color surge.
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  6. As you know, chameleons have color-changing properties and special curved body structures. I combined these special vibrant pastel colors of chameleons and their curvy supple bodies with items and costumes used by people. I tried to show the chameleons with various human and human things and I shared the cute chameleons with special visuals here. I presented you with a visual show and a visual feast with extraordinarily wonderful colorful chameleons. As you can see below, I admired at these special emojis of chameleons and in next years if be posible these riot of colors on a xat bulalemun ani
  7. Yes I agree with you this is a great idea. Good idea to make it easier for us to nick on xat. We, yes with this idea, that will not waste time with "nick" programs on Goegle.
  8. DUYGU

    Power VIKINGS

    You're welcome. You with this suggestion, you pioneered a legendary innovation that will revolutionize xat. I support your idea and help you with my own ideas and examples. I believe your idea will bring great innovation to xat with more detailed, more interesting and cooler examples. Especially the headgear and headgear mask examples I have given here have never been seen in any hat power. New styles can be created for xat with new costumes, new headgear and new mask styles.
  9. DUYGU

    Power VIKINGS

    I've given new examples showing warrior viking women and warrior viking men in a different way and with more interesting styles. In these examples you can see men and women holding balls and spears. Notice the wiking womens costumes in the picture, these viking womens costumes could become a wiking xat powersi expression in the future. I also added the viking headgear in the pictures with different masks and added the bearded wiking man style to the male wiking examples. I may real your dream viking powers will have just such great emojis. Perhaps in the future your this dream will come true w
  10. DUYGU

    Power VIKINGS

    Yes I realized that you made the your suggestion with great care. I hope your idea is taken into account. I haven't seen such an interesting idea of power in a long time. I really loved your idea. and appreciated it. Thanks for your effort, your idea will be appreciated by all.
  11. DUYGU

    Power VIKINGS

    This is great idea! I liked your suggestion. I see interesting and different wiking emojis not seen on xat and never suggested here before. With your suggestion, new hat styles and new wiking expressions can be created on xat. This is xat.com needs interesting innovations. This interesting idea of yours is remarkable and can be taken into consideration. This interesting idea of yours will be liked by everyone when it is turned into a xat power.
  12. Happy birthday L3OZ1N  (hug)



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    Yes that would be good. A new application forum can be organized for graphic designers. Good designers, can be evaluated with an application form.
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