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  1. DUYGU

    594 TEDDI

    This power is a really so cute ''xat animal power''. I see that these cute powers have very cute emojis. This was one of the lovable animal powers I expected to be designed.I would like to thank the ''smiley makers'' for creating these cute powers with these cute emojis and adding them to xat powers. I really like this cute powers. Good job!
  2. I congratulations to all who won.
  3. I wanted to support xat chat and help rooms. I wanted to meet new people on xat. I wanted to help people on xat. I wanted to contribute to xat development and change by making new power suggestions and giving new ideas too. In fact, I was a bit bored at home, and I came back to xat.
  4. Good morning to everyone, have a nice day.



  5. Good morning to everyone!  If there are peoples who lie about me, don't believe them! They are lying Do not believe their lies and ask them for proof, ask them for a screenshot. do not believe anything without evidence. I never accept the lies told about me.

  6. I too nowadays it has been a habit to chew gum and eat chips
  7. Bandırma - Balıkesir - Turkey
  8. I agree with you on this subject. It is a good idea. I have not seen any bingo games in English chat rooms. It would be nice if there were bingo games in English chat rooms. People in English chat rooms would have fun and win awards. People who want to play bingo game have to go to Spanish and Portagues chat rooms. actually, bingo game can be played in all rooms.There are may managers who do not want to play bingo and not make bingo in the chat room, but every main owner who wants to add more people to the chat room wants to make play bingo. Bingo game is a random game that i like very much and i like your idea very much.
  9. DUYGU

    Geometric pawn

    Thank you very much for likeing my ideas
  10. Happy Birthday Angel!

  11. Happy Birthday Dimple (hug)



    1. Dimple


      Waw so cute gif bday greatings, Thank you so much (hug)

  12. Good morning to everyone, have a nice day!



  13. DUYGU

    Geometric pawn

    I hope so,. I think all my good ideas will be evaluated. I believe that there will be great innovations and changes in xat when my good ideas are taken into consideration and new xat powers are designed thanks to my ideas. I believe that xat's future years will be perfect. I believe that very attractive, that very different and very interesting powers will emerge. I am hoperful. Maybe we can see the powers that we have dreamed of. Example, like a geometric pawn.We let's wait, we let's watch, see what will happen in xat in the future.
  14. Good evening to everyone!




  15. DUYGU

    Geometric pawn

    Yes, geometric-shaped pawns with a diamond-shaped image look great on the xat pawns. Even, example, for purple powers, purple diamond pawn, for gold powers, yellow diamond pawn, for ruby powers, red diamond pawn would looks great. it would be a great innovation and change for on this xat and on xat powers. I thank you for likeing my ideas.
  16. Yes, you are right about this, I agree with you. These are good ideas. I believe that the shortcomings on HTML5 will be corrected with these ideas. New studies should be done on HTML5. all codes need to be tailored to all browsers. A revision can be made on HTML5. I liked your subject very much, you brought up the shortcomings and deficiencies in the HTML5 version and showed what needs to be fixed. I thank you for sharing these great ideas with us Voymo
  17. DUYGU

    Geometric pawn

    I included new pawn shapes in this suggestion and added pictures of new pawn shapes. If you have an idea, comment or suggestion about this suggestion, you can share it here. I will to take care all the ideas and I will respect all comments.
  18. Good morning to everyone, Have a nice day!



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      Good morning sis   (hug)

    2. DUYGU


      Good morning Mafia bro  (hug) 

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