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  1. DUYGU

    GARDEN powers!

    Thank you for liking my suggestion.
  2. HgrZJO5.gif

    1. DUYGU


      Dimple my dear (hug) (blowkiss)  nice to see you again on the forum.

    2. Dimple


      Thank you,  you too!

    3. DUYGU
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  3. DUYGU


    1. Maxo


      I hope you enjoy it too :p

  4. Happy birthday Eleven  (hug)



    1. Eleven


      Thank you very much!

    2. DUYGU


      You're welcome Eleven (hug) nice to see you again here

  5. DUYGU

    GARDEN powers!

    Yes I can, Dimple, my dear, I can draw and design the flower style you want for you and your avatar. I love flowers so much I suggested a beautiful xat spring powers idea that shows plenty of flower varieties. this idea can give people spring mood and mood even in winter season at xat and if this power is designed people can feel like they are in a flower garden on xat. you really haven't seen these emojis yet. Thank you for liking my suggestion.
  6. Good night to everyone!



  7. DUYGU

    Happy birthday Kyle   (hug)



  8. Happy birthday Calvin  (hug)





  9. Happy birthday David  (hug)



    1. David


      Thank you!

  10. Good morning to everyone, have a nice day!



  11. Thank you for liking my idea. yes this xat animal power does not exist yet on xat and yet it was not suggested. I like to give ideas for new powers that never existed on xat.xat always needs new ideas and innovations. I'm trying to contribute to xat by giving new, interesting and different ideas.
  12. Thanks to everyone who liked my idea, thank you for your nice comments. This is my dream, I would like to use a moving color wavy pawn. everyone wants this great innovation. Smiley makers can create many beautiful colorful chameleon emojis using the color changing feature of cute chameleons. I actually presented this as an animal power proposition. Also If we imagine and think about this idea as a pawn power with the same idea, we would love to see attractive stlys of color on pawns. Gorgeous attractive colorful new pawn skins look really great taking advantage of the color surge.
  13. DUYGU


    1. Page


      Morning sis

  14. DUYGU

    Happy birthday Kriz    (hug) 



  15. EAcOsnM.gif

    1. Paul-Romania


      good morning Duygu(hug)cafe GIF

    2. DUYGU


      Good morning Paul  (hug)  Have a nice day!

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