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  1. I Love You Hearts GIF by RisuDong

    1. DUYGU
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      Nice song my dear @DUYGU THANKS! :$

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      you're welcome my dear, yes that beautiful song I chose it only for you dear  (blowkiss) 

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  2. Good evening to everyone, have a nice evening!



  3. DUYGU

    Riches power

    Hi Nosense, I look at your drawings and see that you are making good drawings. I noticed your new ideas and new emoji styles show in your drawings. I see that you draw a horned emoji. I think you represent power with horns. On xat, the horned emoji can give people the idea that the rich who have money are strong are rich. I think that like and I have too an idea. Also you can add a horned caption to your emoji drawings. I think the gold or silver headdress with horns creates a rich human theme. It can be horned headgear similar to wiking gold or silver horned headgear is a new style of hats an
  4. This is a great contest! i will enter this great contest. There will be good events for Christmas, special for Christmas Day. and I'll be there that day. I thank you to everyone who organized and contributed to this contest. everyone will have a chance to win in this contest. Good luck to everyone who participated in the contest.
  5. DUYGU


    I am sharing here again very cute very beautiful very different very interesting and attractive cute knurls pictures. As you can see in the sample pictures below, I tried to show the costumes and accessories used by people on cute knurls. it would be nice to see the costumes and accessories used by people in the emojis of the cute knurl powers on xat. Cute knurls in human costumes can be quite cute, quirky and attractive when they are turned into cute xat powers with cute human faces.
  6. Hi everyone, I will not work when entering the new year, I will stay at home in the new year, I am thinking of spending the Christmas with my family at home. I think of playing fun house games and fun games at home. If we get bored with him, we listen to music and dance. I make cakes and cookies and offer them to my loved ones at home. What do you intend to do in the new year? What kind of activities do you plan to do? I hope your new year will goes well! I wish everyone have a nice new year. Stay healthy and stay happy!
  7. Happy Birthday!  (hug) 



    1. Mafia1


      Thanks you (hug)

  8. DUYGU

    Riches power

    I see that you are drawing very well. Your drawings are really great. I cannot find flaws in your drawings and I cannot criticize their drawings. You show the power designers quite well what kind of power they will design. You have very professional drawings, you can consider drawing with the ideas I gave you. I gave you interesting emoji examples
  9. This is a good idea if we think of it as another new idea of gaming, not gambling. The idea of a gambling game on xat is not suitable for xat terms of service, but it is similar to a game of darts or matchrace, rotate, turn, shake or dive, and a new and simple game can be made where we can make targeting moves. this can actually be thought of as a new game idea for people who spend their free time playing fun games on xat. xat can become even more fun when new fun games are brought to xat.
  10. DUYGU

    Riches power

    I see that you have chosen beautiful smiley emoticons, your drawings are beautiful, and now I am too giving you examples of emoji that may be interesting, you can use the smiley emojis I have given in your drawings. This idea can be conceived as a wonderful power that can make people happy with a sense of wealth on xat. As I have given in one of the examples above, Also you can use the euro sign in the eye parts in your drawings. These are examples that can help you.
  11. Happy Sunday to everyone, have a nice day!



    1. Bau


      Thank you! (hug)

    2. DUYGU


      You're welcome Bau    (hug) 

  12. This is gratifying and good news for all Arcbot users. Thanks Nathan. Have a good holiday too.
  13. DUYGU

    615 NATAL

    This new power is so awesome. I see that the most beautiful emojis for the special Christmas day and special for Christmas day are carefully selected and carefully created. Anyone who loves to give and receive gifts and to play with snow will surely buy this power. The cutest emojis representing Christmas to in this new power have are really cool. I loved this cute new christmas power. I wish you all happy holidays. Thanks Santy!
  14. This is a great contest, good lucks to all who participated in this contest.
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