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  1. DUYGU


    Good idea!, it is nice and so cute, I like it.
  2. Thank you to everyone who liked my suggestion. I will make new suggestions and give new ideas. Continue following me.
  3. My favorite power is ruby and namewave
  4. Thank you Demonattack
  5. I have given examples of beautiful and cute sea calf that I think you will like. I tried to show the loveliest facial expressions and loveliest movements and humanistic features of the lovable sea calf. While I was giving ideas to power designers, I tried to help power designers with my ideas to design a new power. The cute sea calf examples I have shared here will look really cute and great when designed as a new power.
  6. I participate in the 4 in a row Championship!" Ciix (10301)
  7. DUYGU

    Long Distance Love GIF by Chibird

    1. Masha


      In Love Cartoon GIF by Space Jam


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