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  1. Hi Alexius, I would like to play adventure or action video game genres
  2. AlexiusZeta yes after playing for a while pokemon game sounds boring to me but I still loved it, I have past good time, but I do not want to play this game more. You can suggest me from other video games.
  3. Super meat boy is a challenging but exciting game. I like hard and slow games. it is getting more exciting and more enjoyable. Pokemon Emerald is slow but enjoyable. also I was much play Candy Crush video game, But that game doesn't sound exciting to me anymore.
  4. This is wonderful chance game. I liked it very much.but those who have no chance will be sad. Our need more chance to win more. I would like to try my luck in this game of chance
  5. Good morning friends


    1. oka


      morning sis ♥ (hug)

    2. DUYGU


      Nosense  (hug) AlexiusZeta (hug)Oka

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    1. DUYGU


      Sevda  (blowkiss) (hug)   nasılsın canım

    2. Sevda


      iyidir tatlis sen nasilsin (hug) 

    3. DUYGU


      bende iyiyim canım teşekkür ederim  (hug) 

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    1. DUYGU


      i did like this spanish song

    2. Camii


      Ty @DUYGU nice song

    3. DUYGU


      you're welcome honey

  8. DUYGU


    1. DUYGU
    2. iri


      i m sad honey ..missed you too (hug)  ty for song

    3. DUYGU


      Honey  (hug) 

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  9. I have bans all maried people on Valentine's Day for 24 hours - reason: I'm jealus to them on Valentine's Day
  10. i decided to get married in the new year
  11. I don't dislike people burping loudly after eating. I don't dislike people popping gum with loud sounds.
  12. Listening music and watching movies.
  13. I have banned Alexius for 0.5 hours reason: so cute
  14. Good morning to everyone


  15. Day by day I see you make more beautiful drawings. I appreciate you you're always the best designer. You are very successful and talented
  16. I think this is drawing great. I love this.
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