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  1. This new power has very cute stickers.this new power is so cute. i liked it. We can express our situations with these cute stickers
  2. DUYGU


    Hi Danny These are good designs. i liked them
  3. Hey Nosense bro Your drawings are nice and cute
  4. This is a very good idea. A well thought out idea. Good designers on xat deserve power emojis to be expressed with the medal symbol. it can be a special power for designers. I like this idea. power designers will also love this idea and consider it.
  5. Congratulations David
  6. Happy Birthday Kotufa

  7. I will join this contest. I would like to thank those who organized the contest. Good luck everyone!
  8. This suggestion is really perfect.I see very sweet and cute emoji examples. I wish this idea had such a wonderful and cute xat powers. I liked this suggestion very much.
  9. Thank you to everyone who liked my ideas
  10. DUYGU

    Long Distance Love GIF by Chibird

    1. Page


      @DUYGU thnx honey ❤ i need some love 

  11. Good evening to everyone



  12. Happy birthday  India

    1. India


      Obrigada!! (applause)

  13. Good morning to everyone, have a nice day!


    1. Page


      Good morning sis 

    2. DUYGU


      Page  (hug) 

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