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  1. The new power good power. The new power have these good expressions, We know that plastic products are indispensable in our lives, are part of almost every moment of our lives, it is really nice to show this on xat with xat power. People can understand better with this power that plastic products can be dangerous when left in the nature. I really liked the creation of such a power because I am an environmentally friendly person.
  2. I Love You Hearts GIF by Digital discovery

    1. Mino1
    2. DUYGU


      Mino  (hug) this is dog so cute and sweet

    3. Mino1
  3. You're welcome DJFUNNY
  4. I see that on xat, you choose the cute smiley emoticons everyone can want to see. It'd like to is a really great idea. I hope such a power is designed and created.
  5. My favorite staff Cupim, XLaming, Bau
  6. i like the new allpowers set. This is a great allpowers set.
  7. You have good talent, I am capable of playing mind games. I have the talent to play mind games.
  8. Happy international #friendship day!   Masha  (hug) 

    1. Masha


      you too! (blowkiss)

    2. DUYGU
  9. Good idea, I like this suggestion, I see so cute smiley emojis. This power idea is really a well thought out idea for the upcoming winter months. Maybe this idea can be designed as a new winter power in the coming months
  10. DUYGU

    Happy international #friendship day!   Tita  (hug) 



    1. Tita


      Thanks you canim happy international #friendship day too Duygu !  (hug)

    2. DUYGU


      You're welcome my dear  (hug)  (blowkiss) 

  11. My favorite singer is Rihanna
  12. My dream is to become a ''contribütor'' on the forum
  13. This is good idea. I see you pick good pawn symbols, it would be nice to see such nice symbols on pawns, maybe that could be it. Everyone loves such ''cool'' pawns like these on xat. I think that new xat away symbols like these should be created and work on new away symbols should be done. If new away symbols like these are created, we can understand why people are away from the pc.
  14. i voted for the new html5 version. I love the new html5 version, I can easily reach everything I am looking for and it has a nice and better view in terms of visuality in the background. Html5 version is a very good change and innovation for xat if it is evaluated in terms of both visual and content.
  15. Happy Birthday Anush!

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