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  1. I would like to thank the powers makers for designing this beautiful power and adding it among the xat powers. I think and I am sure this nice xat powers will be see on xat with a lot of with admiration and will be bought with likeing.
  2. Congratulations @xLaming and @Manu!!!!!!
  3. This is great powers, I did like it, There are really good smiley expressions about health. Good masks have been added. This is powers was a ''powers'' that should have been about health. This is was necessary
  4. Good morning to everyone, have a nice day!



    1. xInvaDe


      Good morning today is nice day @DUYGU :)

    2. DUYGU


      Good morning, thanks have a nice day too

    3. xInvaDe


      Thank you best friend

  5. New xat HTML5 version is very nice I liked it
  6. Hi Sydno What is your favorite coffee type?, What are your favorite hobbies?, What is your talent?, What is your dreams?, What your habits?
  7. Thank you Invade
  8. Happy birthday Spawn



  9. Good morning to everyone, have a nice day 



  10. DUYGU

    Ksquirrel powers!

    I continue contribute to the changes of xat animal powers with different ideas and with different xat emojis. I try to show the best loveliest positions of squirrels, their most lovable postures and their most adorable expressions. I'm sure you've never seen squirrels so cute. I'm thinks you will be happy to see unexpected and human-specific movements and behaviors from cute squirrels on the xat emojis, I shared pictures showing the most different and interesting squirrels of xat emojis to make a difference in xat animal powers.
  11. I like this idea, nice idea, this suggestion has nice masks that everyone can use
  12. Good morning to everyone, have a nice day


    1. xInvaDe


      Good morning @DUYGU😊

  13. I play volleyball well, I am talented in volleyball sports. You too can write a sport you are talented for . Example, most of the men are talented in football. I'm not talented in football.
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