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    GARDEN powers!

    This is not yet a xat power. I presented my new and different ideas. I gave ideas that could be considered by power designers in the future, and thought that in the future, any spring power planned to be designed could be considered, and that the emojis and images I shared here could be added to a new xat spring power. here I tried to give examples of emojis and emoticons that have never been seen before in the xat spring powers. yes of course it would look great if such an idea of power were transformed into xat power. Thank you very much for liking my ideas.
  2. DUYGU


    Thank you I love your ideas. You give good ideas. my dear
  3. Happy birthday Matthew  (hug) 



  4. DUYGU


    Yes, of course, special designers have to work hard to be famous in the forum. He must participate in various graphic competitions, win in graphic competitions, show himself in the forum with various wonderful designs, and be very active in the forum. and so if they were given special color on the forum, they should deserve the custom color in the forum. There must be people who have proven to be professional with great designs.
  5. DUYGU


    Anyone can make design, but the important thing is to do the most perfect design and show himself on xat and the forum with the most perfect designs and prove that him are the best. The designers I have mentioned here are already master and professional, highly talented legendary designers who have proven themselves with the best designs. Professional and legendary designers are known by everyone. Those legendary designers can of course be appreciated in the forum. They can be shown to be professional and master with special colors. they should be designers who have proven themselves with exce
  6. DUYGU


    There are highly skilled designers in design. they really do their best in design and they really very professional. There are people like Mafia, Brutus, Ariel who do their design work great. Actually in the forum, the idea of distinguishing special designers with special colors can be made with special colors to show them that they are special. that's a good idea. For example, game makers and smiley makers have special colors that make them look special and different on the forum. The designers do not do design job for rank. they don't expect rank. I don't think it's their purpose to rank in

    Good evening to everyone, have a nice evening2xVw3QH.jpg

  8. Congratulations TheYaguito!
  9. I see nice ids added to auctions. I will wait for the last auction. Thanks for the auctions and those nice ids to Admin.
  10. Happy New Year Cupim. I hope your good wishes come true. I want to thank Jason for his good and nice management. Jason did a really great management for 1 month. did a great job. gave me the chance to be a staff member in the management team. I was happy to be part of the html5 room. I spent a nice month in the html5 room and for 1 month I often actively tried to support the html5 room. Also I believe Page will do a good management. Page makes good and beatiful management. Congratulations my dear friend Page. I will continue to stay in the html5 room with you my dear friend Page. My dear frien
  11. DUYGU

    Hi Page my dear  (hug)


    Happy Love You GIF by Headexplodie


    1. Page


      Hello bae 

    2. DUYGU
  12. Happy New Year to you too. I too wish you the same good wishes. Thank you for your good wishes.
  13. An unforgettable visual feast! 

    Welcome New Year 2021!



    1. Paul-Romania


      happy new year Worst Year Ever GIF

    2. DUYGU


      Happy new year Paul    (hug)

    3. Paul-Romania


      happy new year Duygu(hug)

  14. Happy New Year to all. Thank you very much for the good and beautiful wishes you shared here. I hope you have a good year and all your good and good wishes come true. I want all positive thoughts from your mind and heart to be reflected in life. I wish everyone to always remain loving, healthy, happy, successful, lucky and peaceful in life.
  15. Happy New New year Maxo I am very happy to have a good year with you at xat and at the forum. You are a very special person for me too. You have always helped and supported me. Thank you very much for your support and help. Thank you also for good new year wishes. I hope all your best wishes come true in this new year. I all year glad to very meet you.
  16. DUYGU

    Happy birthday Zaki!  (hug) 





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