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  1. Yes, I know the costumes and accessories have xat powers. that's a really good idea. Celebrating special celebrations on xat with vividly colored special clothes and special accessories makes people very happy.
  2. It was a great event yesterday, thanks to everyone who contributed to this wonderful event and organized this wonderful event I was very happy and enjoyed being in the trade room
  3. Good morning to everyone, have a nice day!



  4. Happy birthday Magic  (hug) 



  5. Happy birthday Xlaming    (hug)



  6. Happy birthday Mino    (hug) 



    1. Mino1


      Thank you 

  7. Good night to everyone, sweet dreams!



  8. DUYGU

    Geometric pawn

    Thank you very much for liking my idea.
  9. I have always been waiting for today, always ready and now I'm there Enjoy this beautiful day
  10. First of all, I see a very nice, very knowledgeable, very caring and very helpful team of staff there, my favorites are Arcstaffs, Aura, DjPio, Dan, Samuel and Nathan. I am happy to be there with them.
  11. These are good events for Black Friday, I'm following this auctions I'm thinking of making a reasonable bid for boot powers
  12. Good idea, I would love to see such like chess pieces on xat pawns. It would be really cool and attractive to see silver pawns on xat. why not, this may happen in the future and maybe we can use such attractive and cool pawns. this means a new age in xat this means a great innovation
  13. This is great new power, I like this new power very much. I love to do trade. this new power is appreciated by anyone who likes to trade like me, and is a power to be bought with interest by everyone. Trade lovers are most interested in this. An indispensable new power for real traders. This is new power have very noticeable pawns states.
  14. Good morning to everyone, have a nice day!



    1. Mino1
    2. DUYGU


      Thanks Mino  (hug) have a nice day, nice to see you again

  15. Legends never die

  16. This Black Friday event has been great I too looking forward for more surprises... Thank you Admin
  17. I love you Mino my best friend  (hug) 



  18. Good night to everyone!



  19. Thank you for reminding us of this event again. i will definitely go there early, this will be a very nice event, good have fun everyone and good luck to everyone!
  20. Good night everyone!



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