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  1. My favorite singer is Shakira
  2. Hagia Sophia mosque, Turkish delight and Turkish carpets
  3. This is good idea, I like the idea
  4. I too feel happy in the xat.com/chat room. I have friends that I love there. Mino, Masha, Hessy, Tita, Pika, Paul, DjCrazy, Emari, Puppercut, Ghost, Neno, LeeMinho
  5. Thank you for designing this nice power and adding it to xat powers series. Mihay
  6. People feel happy in different places and at different times. in fact, the mood of people varies according to where they are located. I always go to a few chat rooms and a few help rooms on xat because there are people I like there, I feel happy where there are people I love. Of course, there are definitely reasons that make you happy on xat or elsewhere. Maybe If you like to play with the game, you are happy to go to the places where games or competitions are held. Maybe you attend various events. Maybe If you enjoy listening to music, you prefer radio rooms, Maybe if you like helping people and are happy to help people in the help rooms, you can write the help rooms here. If you do not prefer to stay on xat, you can write any social tool you use. Example, some people are happy to follow the posts on facebook or twiter. So and you where do you feel happy?
  7. Watching a comedy movie recently has become a habit for me. I really recommend that you watch the comedy movie if you are bored with the monotony of life. I really find it fun to watch a comedy movie.
  8. The new power good power. The new power have these good expressions, We know that plastic products are indispensable in our lives, are part of almost every moment of our lives, it is really nice to show this on xat with xat power. People can understand better with this power that plastic products can be dangerous when left in the nature. I really liked the creation of such a power because I am an environmentally friendly person.
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