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  1. When we think all these expressions of to love and affection together, the powers of the valentine day that emerges becomes a super powers that is, the best complementary and advanced expression powers to ''supervalentine'' of in all the powers valentine day should be it ''supervalentine'' when created.
  2. The expression of a rose-shaped ring box with red petals opening and closing, or a heart-shaped ring box expression would be great. Valentines would make each other happy using these expressions on xat. I can like to get a gift that looks like a rose and is but actually a gift box as a gift. that would be a surprise to me.
  3. DUYGU

    Hi Oka bro  (hug) 

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    2. DUYGU


      I am happy to see you again bro.

    3. oka


      thank's dude me too  (hug)

    4. DUYGU


      you're welcome bro  (hug) 

  4. DUYGU

    SATANIC power

    Hey Nosense bro yes of course you need rest Enjoy the short life
  5. DUYGU

    My Works

    You're welcome Borni!
  6. every person has a secret angel inside, but sometimes this is angel turns into a devil.


  7. Good morning to everyone

    1. NoSense


      Good morning Duygu

      so today let's make your suggestion mh?!?!

    2. DUYGU


      Hi  Nosense  (hug)  did you like my suggests?

  8. Happy birthday Arthur  (hug) 

  9. DUYGU

    SATANIC power

    Hey Nosense, you evaluate all these suggestions. the ideas we propose will add a different mood to your drawings. I am waiting for your new drawings.
  10. DUYGU

    SATANIC power

    Yeah that's a good idea, thank you
  11. My was fovarite video games, star wars and counter strike
  12. DUYGU


    You're welcome Danny
  13. A human expression that blows out the rose petals held by the palm can also be included, and can also be included in these expressions in a wedding ring coming out of a wedding ring gift box that opens and closes with together wedding rings. Of course my wedding ring preference is one of the 5 stone.
  14. The kissing couple may have an expression, but I thought that expression as follows. the expression of a person holding a heart in his palm and blowing the heart he holds in his palm. . Imagine heart flew with angel wings after it was blown. that would be great. like magic
  15. DUYGU

    New design

    You're welcome Oka bro
  16. DUYGU

    SATANIC power

    Hi Nosense I have new an suggest.You can add a rose inside the hand on that first drawing with angel wings. In the second drawing, you can add a fire-burning heart inside the blazing emoticon so that these drawings are more pleasant with the theme of love.
  17. DUYGU

    New design

    Hi Oka bro! You have a really great style, colors, shapes, everything is a harmonious part of a very harmonious whole. I can't find flaws in their designs
  18. DUYGU


    Hi Danny Your new works very nice
  19. Happy birthday Sonic  (hug) 

  20. Good morning to everyone

    1. AlexiusZeta


      Good morning @DUYGU and have a nice day!

    2. DUYGU


      Good morning AlexiusZeta  (hug) have a nice day

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