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  1. Thank you for reminding us of this event again. i will definitely go there early, this will be a very nice event, good have fun everyone and good luck to everyone!
  2. Good night everyone!



  3. Good lucks to all who participated in this contest!
  4. Thanks Nosense, yes a different looking pawn can be made that is not exactly the same as the black pawn of ''42''
  5. Of course, not everyone can be like "42". "42" is someone special. his pawn color is also special to him and different from everyone else. Many people dream of having his pawn color on xat. it's a special color that only belongs to ''42'', but anyone could want to have that pawn color if that would be fine, but we can't use a color belonging to ''42'', but power designers can redesign the black pawn, change of look can be made. example, adding gliter flare star-shaped lights to the black pawn. Patterns in the form of dots, speckles or lines can may be added.
  6. This event actually happened to me and I was banned in a chat room where I had never been in for about 3 months, and when I came back to xat 3 months later, I wanted to see who banned me on the events list, I couldn't see it on that list and I talked to the owner and asked him about it but who banned me did not give information about. kept this information confidential. Of course, I looked for an answer to the question of why and by whom a person who is not even on xat is banned. For these reason, I too wanted to give the idea to extend the chat events to 90 days.
  7. Happy birthday Coolingman  (hug) 



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      Thank you soo much @DUYGU:d(hug)(hug)

    2. DUYGU


      you're welcome   Coolingman  (hug) (hug)

  8. yes it would be nice if it could be added to gcontrol. so we would be in control of the chat events and only we or the people we wanted could see the events that we do not want anyone else to see. Hiding events with gcontrol or a similar power is a really good idea. Even if it's possible, the chat main owners can still see the events, I don't gues the events will be completely hidden
  9. DUYGU

    Tuba welcome to forum  (hug) (blowkiss) 

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      Hallo babygirl (hug)





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  10. This is good idea. but anyone with events power can view all events. New add-ons can be made that can change the properties of the events power that already exists some new features can be added, or an improved advanced, more comprehensive and different events power can be designed.For example, if anyone have that more advanced with new events power, that person should have the posible to edit who can see their events. But of course these new improvements seem difficult to be possible in the html5 version of the changes.
  11. It would be really good to extend chat events to 28 days. In fact, it would be even better if it could be extended for more than 28 days. If I make a suggestion and give the idea to extend the chat events to 90 days, for adminators would it be may possible to apply this idea? For example, if a person of who quit xat 3 months ago banned or demoted, he wants to see who and why him banned, and in possible rank demote, Of adminators, it might better good for that person to increase their chat events 90 days. I had left xat for 3 months and when I came back to xat I was wondering what happened in x
  12. Good evening everyone!



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      Nice to see you again here

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      i never die         ahahaha ;) all fine? 

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      Legends never die

  13. Good morning everyone, have a nice day!



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      Good morning Mino  (hug) have a nice day

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  15. Good morning everyone, have a nice day!



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