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    Ciix (10301)
  2. Happy Birthday! XbuenaspersonasX

  3. it's nice to be back in forum and xat after a long time

  4. Happy Birthday Diease

  5. Happy birthday Madison!

  6. https://yandex.com.tr/video/preview?filmId=6824374097657081930&text=alone+marshmallow
  7. I have sometimes the same bug.xat user might try to be login again to update it.Again when I was your login, I saw that there was no bug.
  8. Happy birthday xPaulo

  9. Happy birthday Juna(hug)

  10. Ugurr I love you (hug)

    1. Ugurr


      I love you, too, baby.  :$  (hug) 

  11. Happy birthday Luig (hug)

    1. Luig


      Thanks Duy! c;

  12. Happy birthday Christy

  13. Happy birthday Peeta

  14. Good idea. Thank you Bunnie

  15. bu önerimi beğendiğiniz için teşekkür ederiz thank you for you liking my this suggestion
  16. In fact, there are Group powers that are used in similar ways to Business Machines.(blastban), (blastkick), (blastpro) (blastde). New machine powers can be create as a continuation of the this group powers New machine powers can be create as a continuation of the this group powers. For machine new serieses can be continued. like Ahair, which is the sequel to the hair series
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