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  1. I miss u Sad Cry GIF by Team Coco

    1. DUYGU


      Mino (hug) I missed you too 

  2. DUYGU


    I shared face pictures to show how the beautiful faces and beautiful eyes of the cute gazelles look better when designed as an on xat power These beautiful face pictures show that the gazelles will look impressive and attractive when designed as xat power. You can imagine them as a xat power. The eyes of gazelles are already like human eyes. there are humane eye and humane facial movements. https://prnt.sc/tumf9z https://prnt.sc/tumfvl https://prnt.sc/tumial https://prnt.sc/tumk5m https://prnt.sc/tumkwk https://prnt.sc/tumlxm https://prnt.sc/tumm3n https://prnt.sc/tummq8 https://prnt.sc/tumpic https://prnt.sc/tumpsq https://prnt.sc/tumqaf
  3. DUYGU


    Thank you Danny
  4. Good morning to everyone!



  5. Happy birthday Cherry



  6. I did a research and review on cute animals and xat cute animal powers. I saw that Gazelle xat animal power has not yet been proposed. I wanted to suggest this cute animal power. Gazelles are cute animals known for their special cute face shape and long spots and beautiful eyes.The eyes of gazelles look like of human eyes. It is famous for its beautiful looks. Gazelle's fur is brown. Gazzelles can look very cute when designed as a xat power. I gave examples and drawings that could be emojis of the xat Gazelle powers. These examples and drawings will be a new idea for xat power designers. Wonderful "xat powers" can be created with this idea.
  7. DUYGU

    Geometric pawn

    I continue to give new ideas to change, improve and advance the classic pawns shape we know. I thought that the classic xat pawns would look nice when converted to a geometric shaped heart, geometric-shaped flowers and geometric shaped stars. It would be very lively to add vibrant color tones while changing the geometric shape of the pawns. this visual vitality attracts people's may attention. here is the geometric heart pawn. I gave examples of geometric flower pawn and geometric star pawn shapes. In addition to these examples, I have given in other examples that show the brightness and grandeur and harmony of glass, diamond, gold and silver on geometric shapes. I am sure you can imagine that these great looks will look amazing on the pawns. Also if you thave ideas for different geometric pawn shapes too, you too, can share your ideas here. When a xat power that creates geometric shape changes in pawns is created, everything in geometric shape have can be added as xat smilies of this geometric pawn xat power.
  8. I saw strong and courageous doctors and nurses who struggled with the Covid-19. I have seen closely how much they really value human life. I have seen courageous doctors and nurses working to heal people and revive people. I understood better how valuable and how important a doctor is. I would like to be a doctor or nurse to help people, heal and revive people. my dream was to become a nurse or a doctor. I am aware that their job is difficult and they are at risk. but we are already at risk in all times of our lives. Of course, every profession has difficulties. In every work done, the aim should be to be beneficial to people and society and it should be acted with this idea.
  9. I need to rest with holiday. I plan to go to Istanbul in Turkey to rest,relax and enjoy real life. After resting I plan to have fun traveling around.
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