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  1. Thank you for liking my suggestion. These are unique, different ideas not found anywhere, no imitation, completely new. I will continue to give new ideas. No stopping. I keep working on new ideas. keep following me
  2. DUYGU

    Geometric pawn

    Thank you for liking my suggestion. Here is what I want to summarize here; When we look at the powers and sets that have changed the appearance of pawns to this day, the brightness of the emerald and glass is shown in the pawns of the ruby power, the pawns of the power sets '' allpower '' and '' everypower '' show the brightness of the diamond, visually the pawns are usually changed in color and brightness, but on pawn shapes I can't see any change. It would have been nice if a power had been created that changed the shape of pawns. Also the pawn power I'm talking about here is a xat power tha
  3. Thanks everyone for liking my suggestion. I like to give new ideas for new powers. trying to create new styles on xat by giving new ideas and new emojis.
  4. hola  buen  dia  

    1. DUYGU


      Hi Gladiador   (hug)

  5. i love these cute bambis. The cute bambis would look great if they were turned into xat power and cute bambi gazelle emojis added to it.
  6. Happy birthday Thunderclouds  (hug) 


    1. Thunderclouds


      Thank you, Legend! (hug)

    2. DUYGU


      you're welcome  (hug) 

  7. Happy birthday Surda  (hug) 

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  8. I thought that chameleons could be designed as a xat power when some of their unique characteristics were examined and some of their features were taken into account. The most prominent feature of the chameleon is the color changes. I thought this color changing feature would look great when applied on xat chameleon powers. I suggest to is design and is create of the (chameleon) power that does not yet exist among the xat powers to smiley makers. Chameleons have a cylindrical body and are flattened on both sides. Its head is triangular. It has a long and clinging tail. The feet adapt to the li
  9. That's a good idea. No power has yet been created for this. but this can be done. showing that people are different with the awareness strip may makes them feel special and different. Can you share examples of this in with the pictures. I think this power can be designed with more detailed explanations and examples. I think your suggestion will only give the right message to power makers in that way.
  10. DUYGU

    My princess, My angel  Tita  (blowkiss)  (hug)


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    1. DUYGU
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  11. I love to much give new ideas about cute animal powers and I am adding new cute squirrel emojis to show off the cute faces of squirrels once again in different styles and different costumes. You can think of them as an xat (ksquirrel) power emoji.
  12. DUYGU

    Happy birthday Guuh  (hug)

  13. I congratulations to smiley maker Santy for planning and designing this wonderful power! I really like this new power, it has atractive, cool, colorful and cute smiley emojis. I think everyone will love this power. This power will be most like and appreciated by those who have a passion for games and can never give up their passion for games.
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