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  1. DUYGU

    Geometric pawn

    I hope so,. I think all my good ideas will be evaluated. I believe that there will be great innovations and changes in xat when my good ideas are taken into consideration and new xat powers are designed thanks to my ideas. I believe that xat's future years will be perfect. I believe that very attractive, that very different and very interesting powers will emerge. I am hoperful. Maybe we can see the powers that we have dreamed of. Example, like a geometric pawn.We let's wait, we let's watch, see what will happen in xat in the future.
  2. Good evening to everyone!




  3. DUYGU

    Geometric pawn

    Yes, geometric-shaped pawns with a diamond-shaped image look great on the xat pawns. Even, example, for purple powers, purple diamond pawn, for gold powers, yellow diamond pawn, for ruby powers, red diamond pawn would looks great. it would be a great innovation and change for on this xat and on xat powers. I thank you for likeing my ideas.
  4. Yes, you are right about this, I agree with you. These are good ideas. I believe that the shortcomings on HTML5 will be corrected with these ideas. New studies should be done on HTML5. all codes need to be tailored to all browsers. A revision can be made on HTML5. I liked your subject very much, you brought up the shortcomings and deficiencies in the HTML5 version and showed what needs to be fixed. I thank you for sharing these great ideas with us Voymo
  5. DUYGU

    Geometric pawn

    I included new pawn shapes in this suggestion and added pictures of new pawn shapes. If you have an idea, comment or suggestion about this suggestion, you can share it here. I will to take care all the ideas and I will respect all comments.
  6. Good morning to everyone, Have a nice day!



    1. Mafia1


      Good morning sis   (hug)

    2. DUYGU


      Good morning Mafia bro  (hug) 

  7. DUYGU

    Geometric pawn

    Hello everyone, I've seen standard old pawns on xat in a humanoid way that has always been the standard for years. Contrary to the existing standard humanoid pawn, new pawn shapes with a geometric shape should be developed. I would like to see new pawn shapes in the form of a circle, a square or a hexagonal shape with triangle. however, these geometric-shaped pawns must be designed to be reinstated. some people do not want to change their pawns, it is necessary to think about them. therefore, a special code must be made for the geometric pawn. If we want to add the emoji of any power to our pawn, we must first use the pawn of other powers by converting our geometric pawn back to the normal old standard, and this is the new pawn form, not the power. no fee should be paid for this. geometric shaped pawns should be used on demand. Also this would be great if power makers consider designing a geometric pawn power that changes its pawn shape. I would like on the see pawn shapes that look like crystal-like geometric-shaped pieces and gemstones in place of my old pawn. I showed you sample pictures below.
  8. DUYGU

    Musical Artists

    Hey Nosense bro this is a great idea and you have drawn great drawings. You create great combinations by supporting your ideas with amazing drawings. I admire these creative ideas and creative drawings of you. You are doing this job really well. I always appreciate you. If your wonderful ideas are be taken care, wonderful powers can be designed, I hope your ideas be take care into consideration.
  9. 1.What are your dreams? Did you think your dream came true when you became a smiley maker or do you have any other dreams you want to realize? 2.What are your talents? 3.What are your habits? 4.What is the country you want to visit the most? 5.What is your favorite helper? 6.What is your favoite coffee type? 7.What is your favorite smiley combination? 8.As a smiley maker, what do you think about the old xat powers that already exist? Do you think there are shortcomings and deficiencies in emojis? Should new emojis be added to the already existing powers?Example I think fairy powers need to be redesigned and develop new fairy emojis. 9.As a smiley maker, what powers and smileys do you dreamed of doing the most?
  10. I congratulations to all the winners
  11. Good evening to everyone!



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      Good evening sis (victory)

    2. DUYGU


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