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  1. Hi guys, Since I don't use xat anymore, I am selling my ID: 143143. Negotiable. If you're interested, you can contact me on the account travelling (161836665) or message me here on the forum (preferable).
  2. I'm bringing out this guy again! :)


    1. Crow


      Banana cream pie, my favourite! GetStrip5.php?c=S_yum_18_18_c.png

  3. Welkom bij het team, Kevin! Ik ben heel blij dat ik nog iemand op deze website heb ontmoet die ook Nederlands is! :$ 


    1. Madses


      Hahaha, thanks! Ook echt toevallig dat ik jou een bericht had gestuurd erover, ik wist niet eens dat je Nederlands was eerst

  4. This year, I am going to spend Christmas and New Year's with my family in the Netherlands. I'm looking forward to being with them, going ice skating among the windmills and/or on the canals if it's cold enough, the amazing food (Poffertjes, kerstkranjes, oliebollen, appelflappen... lots of which people make and sell to you on the streets at old-fashioned stalls) and above all, the "gezelligheid". The main square of every city always has its own huge brightly lit Christmas tree. There are lights and decorations strung over the old cobblestone streets, and Christmas music is played. Flower sellers offer beautifully made wreaths, red and white poinsettias, and decorated pinecones. Therefore, it's always fun to just walk around and enjoy everything, and perhaps go into a few shops while you're at it. The shopping is always good since there are so many Christmas markets. Also, over there, we have 2 days of Christmas. One is on the 25th, "Eerste kerstdag" (First Christmas Day) and it continues on the 26th as "Tweede kerstdag" (Second Christmas Day). So there is always 2x the Christmas celebration.
  5. So true. I usually go to Cambio when I need to buy days, for this exact reason. Definitely needs to be changed.
  6. Nederland: Het land van de tulpen, klompen, kaas en windmolens. "The Netherlands: The country of the tulips, clogs, cheese and windmills." And stroopwafels...
  7. I’ve gone by my real name Madison (and Madi as well) since 2013. I was on xat for many years before that though using a couple other names. The first name I ever used on xat was “Beta” in 2008, which I then switched to my Club Penguin name “Cookiegurl9”, but I usually just shortened it to “Cookie”... (Oh man, those days). But after quitting for almost 2 years and returning in 2013, that’s when I decided to start using my real name instead, as it felt the most “normal” for me. Apart from xat, I have always used the username “Reislust” for practically everything. It is the Dutch word for what is known as “wanderlust” in English: A strong desire to travel.
  8. Going to turn this into a book?
  9. Hey all, I'm just going to share a little bit of photography from a recent trip to Norway, because why not? :p If you're ever debating on where to go on vacation, I'd definitely recommend it.


    Click here for the photos

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    2. Madison
    3. Sarah


      Those shots are absolutely beautiful, Madison. Which camera do you use? x.

    4. Madison


      Thanks, @Sarah ^^ 

      I use a Canon 80d for the most part. 

  10. Same and same. I've never tried Coke either.
  11. @Paya What type of magical tablet are you using and where can I buy one
  12. Entry #2 Here is my second doodle- this time of Altaria (drawing clouds on there is absolutely painful) Full picture Madison (143143) May or may not keep this as my second entry
  13. I completely agree that the place is crazy and at times full of some pretty disgusting people. If I remember correctly, however, I'm pretty sure that Flirt is the only official chat without a manager. Just goes to show what can happen if nobody is moderating a chat, lol. You cannot delete chats, and I'm not exactly sure if xat would remove the chat in general, but I definitely feel like it should at least be taken more seriously and perhaps a chat manager should be assigned. That is, of course, if there even are still people who just want to use the chat as a hangout. Though, I also agree that the chat doesn't really serve a purpose (at least not anymore). I highly doubt that anyone normal is going to want to head over to Flirt to find a boyfriend/girlfriend, and it's also pretty inevitable that there would be some users who would attempt to use the chat for malicious purposes due to its name.
  14. Thank you very much! You're quite good yourself
  15. I wish xat doodle had an undo button Anyways, I decided to draw Togepi for my entry. Full picture Madison (143143)
  16. If you had a group power assigned to a chat that is now deleted or redirected, follow the steps below to help you un-assign your power. Attempt to use the /go command. Go to any chat and type /go CHATNAME and see if you are able to connect to the deleted chat. If not, go to the next step. Copy the following link "http://www.xatech.com/web_gear/chat/chat.swf?id=IDHERE" and replace IDHERE with the deleted chat's ID. To get the ID of the deleted chat, login and scroll down to your group power assignments. Right-click on the group it is assigned to and select "Copy Link Address". Paste the link into your browser's URL bar and copy just the numbers and insert them into the link above. For example, if your chat link is http://xat.com/xat12345678, your chat ID number is 12345678.
  17. I'd like to congratulate not only our chosen winners- but everyone who took the time to enter. It was honestly extremely difficult to judge and it took a very long time, and I think that every entry was great. Thank you!
  18. I support this, and if it were to be introduced, I'd prefer it be a feature instead of a power. Many websites allow users to do this, and it would make a nice complement to xat. Much easier and faster than going to another website to make a recording then having to copy the link, go back to the chat, etc. Oh well, as long as we'd be able to hear it before we send it.
  19. I like this idea too, however I guess it would depend on the amount of PCs you have. Someone may want to have PCs with certain people on certain chats for example. And with the tab part, this is why I think it should be clearly marked on the PC tab if it's locked. There are definitely quite a few options, and honestly I'd support anything if it meant being able to have more organized PCs, haha.
  20. Hello! I would like to suggest an idea for a feature of xat that I'm pretty sure would be useful for absolutely everyone. I'm sure we've all experienced the annoyance of having multiple chat tabs open at once, and our PCs from people starting to pop up on whichever chats we're on. Then, we end up with a conversation with someone spread out over 4 different chats which can be extremely inconvenient and difficult to keep track of. PCLock is a feature that would allow you to lock your PCs to one chat only. Your PCs with people wouldn't be spread out if you had multiple chat tabs open, and you could choose one chat to keep that particular PC on. I'm open to ideas on how you would go about locking a PC, but I figured that this could be done by perhaps double clicking on the PC tab on the chat that you want it to be locked to. As for unlocking, well, simply do the same thing- double click. After double clicking the PC, a dot would appear on the right of the PC tab, signifying that it's locked to that chat. My PC with Muffins would be regular, and my PC with Crow would be locked to Help chat. So let's say I was at Trade and Help, and Crow PCed me while I was open to the Trade chat tab, I'd still only receive his PC on Help. (I recently wiped my hard drive and need to redownload Photoshop so I had to do a terrible freehand lol, but you get the gist I hope.) Anyways, feel free to comment your thoughts or ideas to make it better.
  21. I don't personally know all volunteers, but the ones I DO know, @muffins for example, really do care about xat and will go out of their way to help users when needed. I have no idea how many tickets there are, but I really don't think that we should be blaming volunteers solely. I just think that xat needs to be more careful about who they're making volunteers in the first place- this being people who take their time, actually show a passion for xat, and aren't getting their ranks just because they know the right people at the right time. I could name so many people who aren't volunteers who definitely deserve to be. I believe that all volunteers need to share a common attitude, that being that they're not only in it for the status and purple name on the forum, but that they truly do want to make xat better. All volunteers should put in an equal amount of effort and if one was ever busy for a period of time, per se, then they should be willing to make up for that. After all, they're doing this for free, so you're bound to run into a few who care more about being "higher" than everyone else. I'm not saying all of them are like this, but it is the truth, quite unfortunately. There are really only a couple options in regards to the ticket situation. 1. Start letting more <trustworthy> people help answer tickets. 2. Take more time to decide who truly does deserve to be a volunteer. In my opinion, yes paying volunteers might help, but if one has to be paid in order to do a higher quality job than what they've shown they supposedly want to do for free, then are they really a volunteer? On another note, maybe xat should just employ more actual staff. We can all be sure of one thing- in order to reduce the delay, we either need to have more people answering tickets, or the same group of people answering a lot more tickets. I highly doubt that the number of tickets coming in will stop anytime soon, so it's really the only way to keep up with it.
  22. I like the idea of this especially in its relation to the upcoming labour day, but sadly the power already exists. https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Work
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