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  1. Happy birthday!! 

  2. Happy birthday 🥳 

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  3. Happy Birthday @Madison


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  4. Happy Birthday Madison!

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  5. Happy Birthday! 💖

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  7. Happy Birthday!  @Madison

  8. I'm bringing out this guy again! :)


    1. Crow


      Banana cream pie, my favourite! GetStrip5.php?c=S_yum_18_18_c.png

  9. Welkom bij het team, Kevin! Ik ben heel blij dat ik nog iemand op deze website heb ontmoet die ook Nederlands is! :$ 


    1. Madses


      Hahaha, thanks! Ook echt toevallig dat ik jou een bericht had gestuurd erover, ik wist niet eens dat je Nederlands was eerst

  10. This year, I am going to spend Christmas and New Year's with my family in the Netherlands. I'm looking forward to being with them, going ice skating among the windmills and/or on the canals if it's cold enough, the amazing food (Poffertjes, kerstkranjes, oliebollen, appelflappen... lots of which people make and sell to you on the streets at old-fashioned stalls) and above all, the "gezelligheid". The main square of every city always has its own huge brightly lit Christmas tree. There are lights and decorations strung over the old cobblestone streets, and Christmas music is played.
  11. So true. I usually go to Cambio when I need to buy days, for this exact reason. Definitely needs to be changed.
  12. Happy birthday, Madi have a great day! (':

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