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  1. Great suggestion. I've always liked this idea. I feel like that entire section of editing should be customizable/interchangeable.
  2. 1750 911911 63936 2B (maybe?) 175175 1750005 175005 17505 5500000
  3. Agony

    My Design

    These are wonderful. I definitely see the progression in your designs. I'd love to see more from you! Keep up the good work :P.
  4. I started out at xat.com/Contest Best days of my life . I started to hang around Mike then and not long after that promoting my own chats.
  5. This is definitely needed. I hate looking at my friends list with skips in people who are available or online. +1
  6. Agony

    Yes or No

    No probably not, I'd look like trash with green hair. Would you dress up in a chicken suit for a week, for a million dollars?
  7. Agony

    Yes or No

    No because I don't even play it now. Will you still Cash me ousside next year?
  8. When you go to chat box with your default user/toon ID type register in the chat box and then click the word and it should take you to that page to register. Example
  9. I try to avoid eating fast food as much as possible, but there are some occasions where I tend to slip up. I'd say my average is probably once or twice every few weeks but that's only because I'd rather cook my own burger and fries than have some loaded up unhealthy processed food haha.
  10. Thank you very much!
  11. Hello! I believe I made a post years ago when I was less experienced, but a lot of time has passed since then and I have learned much more. Keep in mind these are all over time from when I first started till now. These are some of my designs with different styles, Feedback would be nice (You can be brutally honest too I don't care xD) Inner Chat bg's [Flat] Inner Chat bg's [Animated] Xatspace shape banners (I dont really even know what to call these LOL..) Xatspace designs All of my avatars are here. They are free to us
  12. Agony

    Free inners

    @Dallas When I say try something else for it I mean throw in something else. Maybe a background texture, or blend in some shapes, move the text to the chat box etc. Give more style to different ones.
  13. Thank you! This is very helpful, should make things a lot easier for users who don't understand the use of BBcodes.
  14. Agony

    Free inners

    These are rather nice, a simplistic touch. Maybe try something else as well besides the blur though. Keep up the good work!
  15. Agony

    hair power

    Maybe something where they design a couple of hair additions to pawns for (hat) Power but not a new power for it. and pls god no trump hair
  16. Agony


    @ANGY Thank you so much. I have started to rework on it already with just one main smiley with the cookie being dunked, and possibly a hug with the glass involved too but I haven't decided yet. Feel free to give me any other suggestions for it as you see it get updated.
  17. Agony

    EP Addon

    I slightly agree with you on this, but with xat releasing a power every single week and additions overtime they're going to have to keep maintaining these new glamorous pawns anyways. Not everyone is going to enjoy this emerald pawn effect forever, and more people will grow tired of it just as they did with the original EP pawn. I think that something of a cycle feature for users isn't a bad idea [minus the 10 of every single power]. Maybe the colors are adapted by users attributes such as Length of shortname, married or bff or single, length of ID (Maybe something that changes what color you
  18. Agony


    @Dallas That wouldn't be up to us but yes a hug would go with it as well.
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