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  1. Happy   Birthday   @Snixie


  2. Happy Birthday !

  3. Something very minor. The hover for the smileys will not remove itself when scrolling down to the chatbox or moving mouse outside of the chatbox. But will remove by moving the mouse anywhere else over the chatbox.
  4. Its something so minor but i felt it was needed. It looks good, Thank you for adding it.
  5. So this may work better specifically for group powers / Collection powers instead of every single power for limited/unlimited, but to those who don't know which powers are located for which "Superpower" or group of powers. Having the powers listed for each of the groups/Collections in a lowered opacity styled format, so members will be able to see which powers are in each select group (Yes, its in the wiki) However, its more convenient and quick to view. Heres an Example of what it would look like, for instance. The power image and text will have a opacity added to it, as well as the toggle
  6. I was thinking the same exact thing. Haha.
  7. kstar kfox gkbear Valentine The four favorites in the "cute" Genre.
  8. Quite a solid power. The pawn effect it gives off is very smooth looking, does't seem choppy like some other ones. However, i do agree with others, i do wish there were more smilies with the power itself, Nonetheless, Thanks!
  9. i like this a lot, however this will be very dependent on how visible they will be as the pawns are small enough as is.
  10. Happy birthday for the third time in 24 hours.

    1. Lemona


      It's OVER NOW!



    2. Tokyo


      Hense why i stated Belated in Help but you yelled at me for this also. :@ 

  11. Bigger smilys better chats Thats the power of home depot
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