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  1. Can this thread get a response at least, from whoever makes the decision, presumably @Brandon even if the answer is no; provide a reason please. I'll respect either or decision made, but I want a response nonetheless.
  2. Instead of it simply being "introductions", it should be a place for threads such as congratulations, for example: https://forum.xat.com/topic/1758-congratulations-steven/ since congratulations threads aren't actual discussions. Another suggestion, forum games section is active; due to its nature, sure. But can we not have it on the front page as latest, I don't care about forum games and it gets on my nerves every-time I see latest and find out its on a game thread. Yeah, I know if you have the website fullscreen, you can see which thread is latest but thats not
  3. Can we save discussing contributors for another thread? We're talking about the issue itself, which applies to everyone, not just contributors. Suggestion Section Users can post positive feedbacks such as "good suggestion" only if done appropriately. What are the good parts of the suggestion? What can be improved upon? Do you think anything should be adjusted slightly? Do you think the suggestion will benefit xat? etc. As much as I disagree with Elie most of the time, this time he's right. It's been said already but that's why w
  4. I can't even be bothered with this, there is absolutely no problem with voicing an opinion on a throwaway account. If people used throwaway accounts to cause trouble and to evade bans, sure. What difference does it make? It would be cowardly if I made an arrogant post without any reasoning solely for the purpose of causing drama, but that's not the case. You're implying that I don't face those who disagree with me, I do; just on this throwaway account. If you aren't willing to share your actual account, you shouldn't share your opinion?? Why does havin
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