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  1. Well, if that's the case then can they do that? I just want to resolve this all today so I can login to fix my stuff. I spent some money on this account that I don't want to be put to waste.
  2. I just really want to change my email to my new email, but I can not make a ticket to do so because It limited me to making up to two. Stupid on my part is that I can't log in on that account nor any other account that I've already made. I'm sorry that I'm being difficult, but if there is anyone with the power to do so. I would love the assistance. Thanks.
  3. I made too many tickets for the day and it won't allow me to make another one at the moment. But my problem is very simple. I am a paid xat user who has bought days and xats for a long, long time. I would love my email changed to this new one I made to avoid all confusion. I simply just need someone who is capable of doing so and will delightfully, talk to them in private. So please help? -sorry for being dumb
  4. I tried to open a ticket but it said it wasn't availble to login at the moment, but I really need to change the email to my JaveyHassim account. Please help?
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