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  1. I see now a lot of people have E55 in their account !

    so, we should think to solve problem quickly and does not tell people the patient is the solution to take your queue to see ticket !

    In my opinion, we have three ways to solve it 

    The first : if someone ask Volunteers to look their ticket here (https://forum.xat.com/)  why not do this ?!

    The second : The administrator assigned a large number of Volunteers solve the problem as soon as

    The third : i know that may be hard to ask but we must know for how long wait to volunteers see tickets ?

    i really hope to solve problem because i'm a study Engineering now and my vacation end before buy xats ,days, enjoy trade and a lot of things>>>

    At the end of the topic, I apologize for any error exists in this

    Please help and leave your comment if u suggest any of These proposals


    I have a System 55 error, I was wondering that Vol couldn't fix this?

    My id  oOHeroTantaOo(297614099)

    ticket No. 67708975


    Now i have E55 , i make a ticket but there is no reply

    i just want to transfer my xats from this Id to another

    or please any Vol can help my !

    That Make Me Sad :(

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