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  1. Emooooji! Happy birthday to you! (applause)(hug)


  3. Crab

    Yes or No

    Yes, sometimes.
  4. Crab

    Yes or No

    No, it sounds crazy! Have you ever forgotten your own birthday?
  5. Crab

    Yes or No

    Yes, Here is dangerous. :-) Would you like to live in another planet?
  6. Crab

    Yes or No

    NO Would you like to be an artist?
  7. Crab

    Yes or No

    No. Here is dangerous at nights and everywhere closed Do you believe in Aliens?
  8. Crab

    Yes or No

    Yes ! Nobody knows anything about me. Are you good at cooking?
  9. Crab

    Yes or No

    No Am I the cutest Turkish person have you ever met?
  10. Crab

    Yes or No

    No. I am good at cooking, so no fast food. Do you have beautiful eyes?
  11. Crab

    Yes or No

    YES! Have you ever thought about having surgery?
  12. Crab

    Yes or No

    No Can yoghurt get you drunk?
  13. Crab

    Yes or No

    Yes Do you have any big regret throughout in your life?
  14. Crab

    Yes or No

    Yes Have you ever been jealous of your closest friends?
  15. Crab

    Yes or No

    Yes Do you wear makeup everyday?
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