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  1. I see here some people who talk whotout to know someting about trade, about powers. Some of then never raised powers or collected powers.Guys atm in trade users have 2-3 register each/person, trust me i am in trade almost everyday and i see. And haw looks now trade, powers will never be up. Xat will never be back at normal. I saw same users who asked me to buy thers xats couz they will quit. And if the admins will not stop to relase powers trade will be more down.Users quit, tired of xat, bad profit or nothing trade! And if u start to collect limited powers u will just lose your xats. As maybe u see guys we are only 20-60 users in trade, to who will expect to sell them epics powers, or who is the person to take the risc to raise powers ? NOBADY! People are happy whit 10 xats profit Lool i stopped to trade:s.And like i said xat will never be back to normal (Y).

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  2. Sounds good ! But that will not change nothing! Ruby killed all prices in trade... as like some big´s powers(namewavwe namegrad nameflag... big prices i can say..) so all users waiting for change in xat, but still nothing.. i just hope Admnis saw all posts from users att they are not happy.! Some ppl think xat will die... but will we se....(waiting) (swt)

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