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  1. Aha. So why is it even insecure on a chat that doesn't have any users at all on it? I am myself using https avatar + https pcback. So I don't count. duh. https://prnt.sc/g3zswv https://prnt.sc/g3zt39 Edit: Sorry. Nevermind. Was my bad, the issue was on my side and I found it.
  2. Why is the page not anymore flagged as "safe" even though ALL links are HTTPS? http://prntscr.com/g3ic10 http://prntscr.com/g3icnh
  3. Good topic. I will post mine after I took my sleep then I'll edit this post 😂
  4. Oh damn right, I need to learn reading lmao Edit: Yo, could you guys please check out the BOOT power? It doesn't seem to work anymore aswell. I cannot boot people successfully anymore. Power used 100% correctly.
  5. The issue with the xat embedable radio players is known already. It will be fixed soon I guess.
  6. Well, not in my opinion. I can recognize the apples wonderfully on there. Let the admin take a closer look and think then decide about that neutrally with their own opinions. We just suggest. What should be fixed is the xavi app with this white, though. The HTML5 chat box is a big technical step forward and we should think of new design concepts, since the chat box has been having the current design concept for many years now. Mentioning, I am talking about xat currently having a design that reminds strong of the Windows Vista/7 generation. As a company and social network, I think it would be good to test around with current design fashion consisting of flat, minimalistic design and different shades of transparency. Xat has always been good for it's design in my eyes. I am sure you can be innovative and creative, Tom2 and Bignum.
  7. Snakeban messed up? In my opinion it looks better than it did before like this How it is now, that green background from before is gone and replaced with different shades of transparencies. (note that transparency is indeed still up-to-date design wise, Windows 10 has it in the Start Menu, taskbar and Action Center, MacOS has it in the Dock)
  8. Not my way I would be taking. I rather prefer the introduction of keyboard shortcuts/button combinations with the upcoming release of the HTML5 chat box for that. For PM, but also other things on xat. What I have in mind for how this would work for PM? Once the assigned shortcut was performed, a little, long window in the chat box pops up with a lock symbol on the very left and a typing box that fills the rest of the window, for you to enter the user ID you wish to PM.
  9. Yep, httpS works, but not // example: Background CSS: background: #000000 center/cover fixed url(http://i.imgur.com/image.png);} works Background CSS: background: #000000 center/cover fixed url(https://i.imgur.com/image.png);} works Background CSS: background: #000000 center/cover fixed url(//i.imgur.com/image.png);} does not work, but should. Link converts into http://i.imgur.com/image.png example 2: Below the chat: <img src="http://i.imgur.com/image.png" /> works <img src="https://i.imgur.com/image.png" /> works <img src="//i.imgur.com/image.png" /> this aswell converts into http:// same goes not only for imgur but also for cubeupload and other image hosters. Imgur and cubeupload both tested with httpS - working. // is best as it is responsive. If the site is http it makes the stuff http, if the site is httpS it makes the stuff httpS (correct me if wrong)
  10. Yo, when I add "//i.imgur.com/0RJnrTv.png" link for example in top CSS or to the below iframe, the PHP filter still converts it into "http://i.imgur.com/0RJnrTv.png" instead of leaving it untouched. Could you fix this please?
  11. http://prntscr.com/fypouk ruled
  12. I see. On the chat box it works using a https background image tho (any reason why you come to it as "HeadDoodle" always? LOL) So conclusion: -On the below chatsgroup iframe, "//" and "https" should be accepted and not anymore converted into "http" (or, in some cases, "hZtp") -On the top chat group CSS, normal (non-CSS) background with "https" should be accepted and CSS should accept links starting with "//" (currently converts // to http://) (And for sake please don't make filtering even stricter than it is currently, Admins D': ) Edit: http://prntscr.com/fxkz7x working
  13. Considering our time, this morning at aproximate 11am I edited my group and added it.
  14. Ah? http://prntscr.com/fxk8fg
  15. How Mihay himself likes this XD
  16. Thank admins for it. @LaFleurIs already. She edited her post. c:
  17. Voymo

    Social Account Links

    Yep indeed Awesome idea I 100% support as is. Xat had similar Facebook Integration before and this here would be very cool entirely. (especially for Techrax )
  18. So scrap the contest and contact Mike The old images have a much smaller resolution than 728x486 which is why they are pixelated first of all. Very good idea Angy, I also hope this will be done soon or later. I had a few friends that actually used the default backgrounds tbh. Need some ideas for what to be done? Like motifs? We need to be careful and keep in mind to not use any copyrighted material though.
  19. Hehe. Oh, and that what Laming said above for the chatsgroup.com iframe under the chat also goes for the background CSS to stop replacing "//" with "http://".
  20. Oh yeah, Great facility to make the BB codes go and filtering less strict 😋😅 (dont kill me pls lol)
  21. Gotta thank you for answering above And good work
  22. http://prntscr.com/fwz36s xavi app is screwed up. This was grey before. That white hurts my eyes. That is https related I suppose.
  23. Please do NOT remove #media and take the new code as-is, or YouTube app will have a spacing issue. That code was thoroughly tested by me to function properly. I made mistakes here and you found every tiny mistake I made, but this has none. I hope this will be implemented since the current code in use was also implemented. And yes, it is no httpS issue but it IS an issue...
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