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  1. Hello community, there is another thing that always made xat special for me and in this case I can go as far to say: even for many others aswell, That thing is it's side apps. Back in 2011, for example, xat was without a doubt the ONLY chat on the net that had chess, 4 in a row, pool, doodle, etc games integrated to work together with the chat box. The admins worked a lot on making more and better free apps in 2007 - 2012 until they suddenly stopped more and more and started first and foremost caring about new powers. Let's build on xat's until today quite unique strength of cool side app integration and improve already existing ones on HTML5, eh? Here is a list of apps and how they could be improved on HTML5: Doodle Doodle, which very much resembles a web version of an old Paint (like good old Windows 98 Paint, ahhh childhood for some while some weren't even born). Could have more features added of the Windows 7 Paint application, which could include - shapes (star, circle, square, polygons, etc) - fillbucket - more colours - colour pipette - two selectable colours at a time (one for border of shapes, one for filling) - (maybe) the ability to write text on it with FONTS Chess Chess is already available on HTML5. I always found chess to be an app that was never really finished but rather completed half-heartedly. You could move around your figures freely on the board with absolutely no restrictions whatsoever, not even proper turning. In the past, you always needed to keep your eyes peeled so your opponent doesn't cheat or move one of your figures by accident. Some features it could have added include the following: - board notation (rank and file) - rules and turns (you shouldn't be able to move your figures around freely) - (maybe) an AI to play against Piano The piano app is already a lot of fun as is for those who can play the piano. The probably biggest problem was that it was a small problem for users of non-english keyboards to play it (on my german keyboard, Y = Z, if you know what I mean). Here I have ideas to share of what could be better. It could have: - the names of notes added to it's keys (A B C D E F G A H) - the width of the keys adjustable (to display more keys at a time) - international keyboard ajustments and compability (QWERTZ, AZERTY, arabic, kyrillic, etc) - the ability to add music sheets on top of the piano (and maybe a power to write your own music sheets) - (idk if there is a power already for this? if not, add as a power!) more instruments! Like guitar, saxophone, etc.) Webcam Now the webcam app only (kinda) worked when it first released and stopped working a little after a while. Well, after all, it never really worked well. I see it as a good addition since many successful online chats like Discord have the ability to do video chat today. So, either improve it or remove it, that's entirely your choice DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS. One must not do caming if they don't want to, remember. It's everyone's own decision. All this can help us have more fun and attract new users here, I'm sure. Greetings, Voyd
  2. I agree this takes up space it shouldn't (as of now). Now, Flower, you can already move the player inside box. But that doesn't help against the fact that it is "inside box" (convering up messages and content)! This is especially annoying if you are a moderator or owner at a chat and need to be able to keep track of everything going on. My suggestion is make the video player be like on Discord as part of the message. I. e. for example Flower sends me a message in PC containing a youtube video and that video will be stuck to her message as part of her message and only visible when looking at my chat with her. I mean, I can only see the video when I click the tab with the private chat with Flower. As stated, I'd love to see a similar concept the "Pop-up viewer" uses for the side apps (moveable around the chat box with a title bar, with a close button on it).
  3. Voymo


    I think this would be a cool power suggestion. How about a thunder phoenex, too? If we already have fire and ice phoenixes. I like mystical creatures like dragons, the yeti or phoenixes. And we already have complex animations on xat => see (bomb) smiley or (ufo) smiley or (angel) smiley , for example. So why not again? But please, not Limited (ono) I dislike limited powers because I dislike trade. Especially now that xat is a bit dead. Gotta wait for xat to get the visitors it deserves again for better trading!
  4. Hello Duygu, xat experienced a lot of change in the past especially 2006 - 2012. One change from that time was the side app buttons being added. The first app was the "user slideshow", a primitive version of the "grid" app, which was, along with it's button, first on the right hand side of the screen, not the left. The buttons got put to the right hand side and the admins started programming all close to all the side apps we know and love now in the time 2008 - 2012 like a two-men-army. The layout of the chat group rooms changed a little from time to time in these years and didn't at all in 2013 - 2019 besides "forum" and "wiki" buttons being added in the top bar. And looking at our competition sites or just other social sites in general, like youtube, you can see how much they changed design and layout in the past. Some users always complained about change, but in the end it was good – just looking at the fact that youtube is the most widely used social video site until today. Try to see it in the positive way that xat FINALLY updates it's technology and layout besides rushing new powers all the time. The app buttons being stuck to the corners of the screen and the apps opening so close to the corner of the screen was OK and looked good back in the days of 2007 - 2009 when xat's side app buttons came to be, considering monitors being smaller back then and in part still good old square shaped (computer/laptop monitors used resolutions of 1024x768, 1366x768 , 1280x1024 or 1600x1000 back then). Nowadays, with people using xat on minimum 1080p and maximum 5k devices, that is not anymore the case, since one must do endless tours with their mouse to reach from the chat box to the app button and cross their eyes to watch a so far away youtube video while chatting. To find all the apps on the HTML5 box and room, click the sphere with the 4 coloured squares on it, which can be found in the chat next to the 8ball. It will open the apps overview, which includes translator and everything. This is much better for today's times of giant monitor resolutions. I'm very happy and proud about what is happening on xat the past few months and it only reminds me of those golden days back in 2006 - 2012 when xat became so popular to have MILLIONS of people around the world to chat to. As stated the site back then experienced a lot of changes (and these changes weren't always new powers, far from that). xat was ahead of them all in those golden days with millions of people to chat to worldwide and two dedicated, fun-having admins. But since then, the tables got turned and xat started lacking behind competitors. Until now... Edit: the translator app isn't in the apps view as of now. It is yet to be developed and added, as it seems. Soon ... Best, Voyd
  5. For side apps, outside of the chat box of course. Great work! And sry for not paying attention
  6. Hey, the title bar and moveable YouTube Window is beautiful and an example of an app just how I thought all others also should work. But could you make it so the player is not locked to being inside the chat box, instead we can move it outside? That would be great.
  7. Hey, the title bar and moveable YouTube Window is beautiful and an example of an app just how I thought all others also should work. But could you make it so the player is not locked to being inside the chat box so we can move it outside? That would be great.
  8. Yes I know It works that way. The problem I have with that is the following: either you just use a xatframe, which leaves Flash users with a black background and without custom design or you just use CSS, which leaves HTML5 users with a black background and without custom design But using both a xatframe and a CSS as fallback for good old flash users is not an option anymore since the recent great update.
  9. Hello, I created a topic on the HTML5 bugs section that would better be here than there. Since we weren't able to move it here, I just took a screenshot of everthing that was written and posted there so far. This way, I don't need to rewrite it and also can include the replies already made easily. Please click this image to view it full-size and read it. If your monitor is smaller than 1080p, here as a clickable link: https://i.imgur.com/VTcaPSY.png Voyd
  10. Hello, it's me Voyd again with yet another suggestion. I rush out suggestions now that I see how hard development is going since I feel it's just the right time to do so now. One thing that also always kept me on xat was it's in my eyes very visually appealing design. I just love how it came to be mostly during my so far favourite era of digital design fashion: 2005 - 2011 (the time when Windows Vista was created, released and then Windows 7). xat always had something "vistaresk" (meaning, you could see that admins took inspiration from the design and layout of Windows Vista when it goes to their site and especially chat box and apps, which was the newest Windows OS in late 2006 / early 2007 – late 2009, when the admins were most active. You might hate Vista, but NOT for it's design. The best Windows ever on that aspect imo. For example, look at the old flash smilies app, which displays a vistaresk kind of blue aurora unterneath the list of smilies. Moving on to my suggestion. My suggestion is to give users on the new HTML5 box the ability to not only customize the colour of the buttons, but also the colour of the windows (meaning the semi-transparent areas on the chat box that consist of the message area, users area and typing area: (inspired by the ability you could change colour of your windows aero glass bars and areas on Windows Vista/7) Now that we are at it – why not also add a "Blur Switch" option to the new HTML5 box settings? That switch would toggle if you wanna blur the background image beneath these areas or not. Example from my chat: See how the background image blurs behind these areas on my chat box? To accomplish that, I just used a simple line of CSS: #chat embed{backdrop-filter:blur(2px)}#chat embed{-webkit-backdrop-filter:blur(2px)}#chat embed{-moz-backdrop-filter:blur(2px)} BACKDROP-FILTER is a quite new feature in CSS3 to apply CSS filter effects behind the target object and one solution of how developers on xat could accomplish my suggestion. As you can see, I also applied semi-transparency and backdrop-filter on the upper bar containing the xat planet Logo and clickable items. I used table[height='51']{background:linear-gradient(rgba(0,0,0,88%),rgba(66,68,70,84%))}table[height='10']{background-color:rgba(66,68,70,84%)}table[height='10']{border-bottom:#808080 2px ridge} Where the percentages control the opacity. To apply the backdrop-filter beneath these tables, just add selectors for them to the backdrop-filter CSS styling. So, second suggestion: give users the option to customize the opacity of the title bar area with the xat planet Logo and clickable items on the new HTML5 page at certain degree, maybe just with allowed variations from 50% transparent - 100% opaque. To do that, we could use a "Slider" inside the chat settings I also applied the filter behind apps, see here: This translator app has a blured background. And: It is also one of the old xat apps that has by default semi-transparent background. The new HTML5 apps that already have and/or plan to get one – why not include these? Let the option in the Chat Settings to toggle the blur and change the colour of app windows also, together with the chat box window's blur and colour. Or maybe even as a seperate switch and slider. That is up to you developers. And again, to apply the backdrop-filter behind the apps, I just added selectors for them to the backdrop-filter CSS styling: #media embed. For me, xat to this day is the most beautiful chat that exists on the net. That's just my taste. Best wishes and further fun developing, Voyd
  11. Voymo

    name limit

    I really hope this will be increased again. Some people want to have a name with a cool combined smiley, a complex namegrad and a hat, which often exceeds 128 chars. xat's smiley combining, name colouring and pawns were what made it special after all. Some of your decisions I don't understand.
  12. Yes, I meant the sclera. Sry. Corrected it.
  13. Hello fellow xatters, I LOVE THE NEW XAVI APP IT IS AWESOME BRO But could more mustaches be added? Maybe first of all all the mustaches of the Moustache Power. Otherwise, here's my real life beard style, displayed on a Sims: Would be very cool 100% if more could be added, some free, some as a power. Maybe the moustache power beards as a power. I'm hyped!
  14. Well I just think it'd be cool be able to use CSS for the remaining flash users while using xatframe for the HTML5 users so both have a proper background ... But this is trivial. Lel
  15. You made it so we cannot use a xatframe anymore when we don't have a background image added. The problem is that I cannot add a background image when wanting a "fallback" CSS for a cooldesign for my flash users. Could this be changed until flash is at it's end of life and HTML5 is more stable? Would be very cool...
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