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  1. are yes @theFlowergood words.

    @theFlower https://prnt.sc/zgvw8z

     ▶▶This is the life :✉✍◀◀

    we meet alot of people we get alot of chances , but only few people who can be in our life in our hearts .

    i worried about people how they see me , i feel uncomfortable , sad , mad . depression , confused ...! . but only one person who can change all of this .

    only one person who take personal place in your life , he takes your time your love , only one person say hi im with you i wont leave you , i accept you as you are , this person who see you deferent not as other people see you , same person will make your life amazing and make you happy after when you give up. and touch your hands and say hi im here i care about you .

    who is : its you my amazing person (...) i feel safe with you .

    i meet you first time , first time we cant understand each other , we fight , we talk , we share happines and sadness we share secrets .we be all time together . i know its only xat only internet but i feel you are with me .when you are not online all things at internet and at xat is black for me as no one is here .

    ▶▶Secret :◀◀

    im sorry for you , all those words cant explain how much i like you , you are perfect more then i give informations about you with words . you are not as others , i cant loss you , i say thanks to allah that make you my friend forever .

    i feel im the happier person in the world when i see you online , i check friends list every moment every seconds , i like to ask about you , i care about you .

    you are with me and i miss you

    ▶▶With other languages :◀◀

    ❣ i love you dear 

            ❣ you are my sun in the night

                     ❣  you are my light when i be in darkness

                                        ❣ you are my happiness when i be sad .

                                                              ❣ im as angel without wings without you .

    ♚ich liebe dich liebe , du bist meine besser♚

     ღ JTM mon cher ami, tu es la personne parfaite 

     ღ tu es mon soleil dans la nuit 

     ღtu es ma lumière quand je suis dans les ténèbres .

     ღtu es mon bonheur quand je suis triste.

    ✿[.  اخي و وصديقي انت اعز ما املك , اغلى واعز ناسي حنوني  . الله يحميك ليا ويديم محبتنا ]✿

     ▶▶Special Thing :◀◀

    i want tell you thanks for your time , for your couraging me , for youR care your friendly actions , thanks for being for me my best friend 



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