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  1. Hello xaterian’s check your Xavi i think is fix now. Thanks!  @CH3RRY, @zaki

  2. @zakiyou are the best man i know on the xat ;)

    1. Ruzo


      I like you super @VaLsteiN you are cool.(hug)

  3. People's tendency is to want to show that they're always right.

  4. Enge

    Enge    Ruzo

    Te Amo Hello GIF by Rodrigo Tello


  5. DUYGU

    DUYGU    Ruzo

    Happy birthday Zaki!  (hug) 





  6. Enter

    Enter    Ruzo

    Happy birthday Zaki :)

  7. elya

    elya    Ruzo

    hey Zaki (hug) happy birthday!🥳

    1. Ruzo


      thanks (hug)@elya

  8. happy birthday zakiman! (hug)

    Happy Birthday Baby GIF

  9. Page

    Page    Ruzo

    Happy birthday and new year bro, hope God keep blessing you.

    Happy Birthday GIF

    1. Ruzo


      thanks (hug)@Page

  10. Happy birthday bro! (hug)


  11. Enge

    Enge    Ruzo

    Happy Birthday GIF by Mumbai Indians

      Happy birthday ZAKI🎂 🎉

  12. Goku

    Goku    Ruzo

    Happy birthday @Zaki chan (hug)


    Happy Birthday GIF by Jelene

  13. image.png.5570e6ecfb4c60f9fe4c1076df63e94d.png


    how do i get this removed help @Admin @Maverick @Angelo @charlie @val3 @muffins @spell 

  14. DUYGU

    DUYGU    Ruzo

    Hi Zaki  (hug) 

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