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  1. Happy Birthday @MaverickHappy Birthday GIF by MOODMAN

    1. Maverick


      Thank you! 



  2. Ruzo


    1. Hessy


      Hi zaki(hug)

    2. Ruzo


      hi hessy (hug)

  3. People's tendency is to want to show that they're always right.

    1. Dimple


      Nice avatar zaki chan!

    2. Ruzo
  4. Ruzo

    (hug) @Manu

    1. Manu


      Hey bro 😎 

  5. Be a person who values the essence, not appearance, cultivate the deepest values and do not fall into the temptation to become a "super" in a world of stars without self-brightness. (Roberto Shinyashiki)

  6. wow that cute kangaroo duygu liked accurate a kangaroo
  7. good suggestion duygu @DUYGU
  8. games is very good very good idea i need this
  9. The greatest leader is the one who recognizes his smallness, draws strength from his humility and experience from his frailty.

  10. are yes @theFlowergood words. @theFlower https://prnt.sc/zgvw8z ▶▶This is the life :✉✍◀◀ we meet alot of people we get alot of chances , but only few people who can be in our life in our hearts . i worried about people how they see me , i feel uncomfortable , sad , mad . depression , confused ...! . but only one person who can change all of this . only one person who take personal place in your life , he takes your time your love , only one person say hi im with you i wont leave you , i accept you as you are , this person who see you deferent not as other people see yo
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