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  1. There are times when you have to choose between turning the page or closing the book.(smirk)

  2. hey @Ruzo merry christmas my bro (hug)

  3. I was promoted to the forum now I'm excellent.8-)

  4. hello @myow@lafleur@valstein@sevda@anas@marya@sarah

    1. Sevda


      Hey Ruzoooooo 🤷‍♀️

    2. LaFleur
  5. I hope new power because I love seeing the creativity of xat

    1. Stif


      There will be no new power this week.

    2. T3M0


      This week there will be no new power

  6. Thanks @lafleur

  7.  hello @Kriz @lafleur @sevda @maay @mystic @thuk @anas @DUYGU

  8. Do not try to be the best, but the simplest. Because even the largest tree in the forest starts from the ground.


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