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  1. Students are in university not for education, but for transformation (like boards in furniture).

    1. xLaming


      Im in the university cuz i dont have nothing better to do xd

    2. oj
  2. new power is very beautiful8-)

  3. My reputation in the forum caught never changes:@

    1. Thuk


      What do you mean? (d) 

      You only post status... That's why (d) !

  4. thanks@lafleur

  5. hey @Ruzo merry christmas my bro (hug)

  6. I was promoted to the forum now I'm excellent.8-)

  7. hello @myow@lafleur@valstein@sevda@anas@marya@sarah

    1. Sevda


      Hey Ruzoooooo 🤷‍♀️

    2. LaFleur
  8. I hope new power because I love seeing the creativity of xat

    1. Stif


      There will be no new power this week.

    2. T3M0


      This week there will be no new power

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