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  1. hi nick our chat room https://xat.com/ThunderStormRadio has been delisted we was asking how it is and why we been promoting and all ...is there a way to undo this? or help me fix it.thank you

    1. Crow




      If your chat has been blocked from promotion, or has had all of its content removed, you can create a ticket in the Chat Block department to inquire about it. You do NOT need to be a paid user to create this ticket, but you must be logged in. See xat.wiki/ticket for help with creating tickets. Please ensure your ticket subject has 5 words or more. Within the ticket message, you can copy and paste what you wrote here. 


      Reply here or visit xat.com/Help for more advice. 

  2. hi i got banned for my first time in trade..but people explain to me because i had <removed> in my status..sorry ididnt knew i couldnt have cuss words in it i got banned fast..ccould you please let me know if ican get back in trade thank you
  3. hi nick just checking in if you canhelp me as well with the letter 55 ..this is my first time..please and ty icecold sent me to you

  4. hi nick i pm nick if you could help me

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