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Status Updates posted by Exin

  1. hey @DjCrazy Happy Holidays! you <3

  2. Merry Christmas gusy <3

    1. Maxo


      merry christmas you too (hug) 

  3. Exin

    hey sloom merry christmas (hug)

  4. Exin

    hey sevda merry christmas

    1. Sevda


      Hey Vri!

      Thanks, Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you too <3

  5. Exin

    Happy Birthday

  6. Exin

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday! bro

  8. Exin

    happy birthday

    1. Jake


      Thank u, Vritme.

  9. Exin

    HBD baby <3 

  10. happy birthday @SlimShady

  11. Exin

    Happy birthday @Odin

  12. happy birthda

  13. Exin

    Happy Birthday! and happy christmas

  14. Exin

    Happy Birthday!

  15. Happy Birthday, Mister! bro (hug) what gift do you want this day(hmm) kappa

    1. Mister


      hi Vritme, Thank you! :pThe list is big(a)

  16. Exin

    Happy Birthday sydno bro (hug)

    1. Sydno


      Thank you! (hug) 

  17. Happy Birthday! (ok)

  18. Exin

    Happy birthday @Rhea so we always love you all <3(blowkiss)

  19. who is like playing League of Legends to me leashes name(ok)

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