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  1. Happy BIRTHDAY to my two DUDES: @Angelo the Cheeto and @Addict the Pen!! 


    I wasn't going to post anything but then I came up with this:


    Bryan, have a great day on Penpuha Island drinking lemonade and Angelo, have a great day eating Cheetos with chopsticks so you don't get your keyboard greasy.


    I hope you guys got your PENnies worth reading this CHEESY status. GetStrip5.php?c=S_l_50_50_c.png :) 

  2. Hi Guys, it's meee!! the big and unique ALEX!!

  3. Thank you all for all your support, You know . . . . .

  4. happy birthday @lemona it's your day to drink and to coin what you have on the table to know that we love youomg GIF

  5. happy birthday @Maverick if you give me the heart I will love you(goo) to have everything that it does not getspring april GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

  6. 💤

    1. Vritme


      zZz bzz (smirk)

  7. People do not help, they get you down, Why? Honestly, do not care, you can do everything you want to get, keep doing the same good job, you succeed.

    Regards Bau

  8. Happy Weekend For Everyone. (hug)

  9. Happy birthday Paul! bro (hug)

  10. do bot spam on help what to do with this bots @


    do bot spam on help what to do with this bots




    1. Vritme


      sorry that you do nothing with them to block these boots that are spamming flood inapp flame.

    2. (See 2 other replies to this status update)

  11. I love people who never give up <3  :$

  12. Playing PUBG Mobile zombies with the worst player in History. @Samuel



  13. happy birthday .. love you my bro <3 @Kale



  14. Forgive, smile and move on.


    will take care of the rest!


    1. Vritme


      marya nice  muzic <3

  16. Hi everyone! Thank you for all your birthday greetings. 

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