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  1. Exin

    Free xatspace!

    Nice xatspace very cute
  2. Hello everyone, I also went on the train to sell a big power to see what is happening in this chat, there are people who hide the power, it's not nice, please make an active chat staff.


  3. 8m 10m 12m 13m 14m 15m 16m 17m 19m 20m
  4. how can i delete this Categories from here i did the test now i can't delete them


    1. Mafia1


      To remove a category, press and hold the category and then drag it to the trash that appears.

      i think this work in laptop. now.

  5. Bug xat com 



    1. LaFleur


      We're aware about this, will be patched very soon.

    2. theFlower


      hi . not just this alot of bugs same like this . like bot  spamm clicking but its in real click you one time .and spamm users name  in tickle  and spamm messages @LaFleur

  6. @Drikalove you

    1. Drika


      I Love You @Exin !! ❤️ :$

  7. Exin

    feliz cumpleaños200.gif

  8. Color red /gold / purple / black . Image Name Exin ♡ Drika thx you @Manu
  9. @Drika aprendido a vivir. Me enseñaste a amar. Cómo amar la limpieza.french kiss GIF

  10. Happy birthday!! 


  11. Exin

    Happy Birthday!

  12. happy birthday GIFHappy Birthday LaFleur! 


  13. Happy Birthday

  14. Exin

    Happy Birthday!!!

    1. India


      Obrigada! (blowkiss)

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