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  1. i like your idea bro on military smiley one salute it cute need update this smiley im Suggestions your idea grats nice drwing
  2. Happy birthday

  3. Happy birthday 

  4. happy birthday @lemona it's your day to drink and to coin what you have on the table to know that we love youomg GIF

  5. Vritme

    Toxic Graphics

    omg u so best bro @Toxic i like what you do thank you are with xat com and doing beautiful things
  6. happy birthday @Maverick if you give me the heart I will love you(goo) to have everything that it does not getspring april GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

    1. Maverick


      Thank you very much.

    2. Vritme
  7. hi nice idea i like it (Y)
  8. error on xat Assistance  or bot it bug 



    1. Witness


      Vritme - Special correspondent on xat.com 


      Thank you for keeping us tuned on what's currently happening on xat. 

    2. HelperNate


      That's not a bug. If PROCURORU was ranklocked to guest and bot keeps attempting to tempmod him, he needs to be either:


      A: Removed from autotemp list

      B: Removed from ranklock

  9. bots on trade download.thumb.png.3a5084e8b96f8c55328197c79b5624f7.pngScreenshot_1.thumb.png.6eda004abecfc716ed227a1f7edbd8a5.png

    1. Anas


      Protection is on and we already did kick them out!

    2. Booh


      I can not do anything I removed from the team

  10. Vritme

    My designs

    nice graphics bro u are good make you contest for gusy <3 your welcome
  11. Happy birthday @freemad

  12. Happy birthday

    1. iBandy


      Thank you! 

  13. Happy   Birthday

  14. Happy   Birthday

    1. miaa


      thank you!

  15. Vritme

    Servers down

    hi I tried to enter the trade or box fastened blog page goes Fairtrade staff blog ids etc.
  16. Happy birthday 

  17. Happy birthday 

  18. Happy birthday Paul! bro (hug)

    1. Paul



    2. Vritme


      wp bro <3

  19. it's good to add this beautiful smiley to music to be a very good idea of your party you are a simple man but with you we will do something in this thank you .
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